Private Tutoring, A Way to Make Pocket Money

Private Tutoring, A Way to Make Pocket Money

Many students look for jobs just after graduation. There is tough competition in the market and it is difficult to achieve a suitable position without relevant degrees. Most of the students, therefore work in food joints, shopping malls or in a local store. The jobs though enable the students to earn their pocket money; the experience is hardly considered in future. Private tuition is a good option for them who are looking to make some money working in a relevant field.

Why private tutoring is a good option?

  • A private tutor can earn pretty decent cash. The amount varies based on the area you live and your subject of specialization.
  • If you want to proceed in the academic field in the future, private tutoring will look good in your resume. Even if your career desire is different, any company will appreciate your initiative to earn some money when you are studying.
  • Working as a student is pretty difficult. You have to balance jobs along with your studies. Working as a private tutor you will have the privilege to select convenient hours and you will have no difficulties to manage both.
  • The private tutoring job can be done online and there is no requirement to go out of the house.

Do you want to teach online?

Working online is comparatively a recent trend. Even few days back, private tutoring means face to face interactions. However, in this digital age the concept of communication between teachers and the students have remained unaltered. Only the modern teachers and students are involved in video collaborations.

The e-tutors help their students in a specific subject via Skype. The advantage of being a virtual teacher is that you can work on a global platform. Students sitting at any corner of the world can connect with you. Therefore, you will have the chance of achieving far greater number of students.

Where to advertise?

In order to begin your career as a private tutor, you have to promote what you are doing. Here are few ideas to connect with the potential target:

There are several tutoring websites where you can sign up to match with the potential students. When you offering services in the local area, you may advertise locally like put an ad to local newspaper or distribute a leaflet. These are great ways to spread the message in the locality.

If any school permits you may also speak in the school meetings. It is an easy way to grab the attention of the parents.

Things you need to keep in mind

Before entering into an agreement with a particular tutoring website, follow closely whether the website is available worldwide. English is more or less accepted as a world language. If you are offering tuition in English, you can connect with any students able to understand the language. Physical distance is not a hindrance at that point.

You need to enter into a contract with the website. The contract does not have to be legally complicated; it should include the clause like cancellation, payments and such other details. If you are going to offer tuition from your home, set up certain guidelines which include the above stated information. Make them clear from the beginning.

Ask for upfront payment. Keep in mind that all the students are not similar. Some will find your support really helpful, while others may not. They can leave after coming for just a month. Retrieving your payment from such students can be tough. So, it is best to take the money at the outset.

You should have a clear idea about what you can charge. If you are not sure about the fees to ask for, survey the market for few days. Look what other teachers are asking for the same service. However, if there is a real constrain of teachers in your area, you may expect a better payment. Say for example, there are no suitable Maths teachers in your locality and the students have to travel a long way to get expert guidance in this subject, you may ask for more money than the prevailing market rate.

Private tutoring is a promising sector with an enormous income opportunity. There is sufficient demand for skilled tutors around the world. So, begin your career as a private tutor.


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