Process for reforming curriculum needed to boost economic potential

Process for reforming curriculum needed to boost economic potential

Thailand has come a long way over the past two decades in increasing access to education from pre-primary to secondary school level. Several challenges still remain though. 

A very high number of students are not attaining expected foundational skills and the drop-out rates stay high at the secondary school level. This leaves many youngsters exposed to the harsh realities of the labour market without the necessary skills required to thrive. 

Improvements in education and skills is mandatory to boost economic potential and inclusiveness. Unicef is working hand in hand with the Ministry of Education and other partners to help Thailand successfully implement competency based education. 

The process reforming the curriculum should define and respond to the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values which the young people will need to thrive. This process should be evidence-informed and should take into account global research and experience on competencies as well as national aspirations and development goals. The teaching profession must also be involved from the outset of curriculum reform.

With the introduction of a new curriculum and pedagogical approaches, the manner in which learning is assessed must also be reformed. Assessments should be able to measure student competency and ability to apply learning and also incorporate project work conducted throughout the year. 

High-quality teachers need to be deployed to schools where they are needed most. Under-resourced schools should be provided with the tools and resources needed to transform education and learning. 

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