Public Speaking: Things That You Need to Know

Public Speaking: Things That You Need to Know

Public speaking is an extremely important skill, which we need throughout our life.  From reciting nursery rhymes and poems in junior school, to participating in debates in high school and University, and making presentations in our professional lives, we need it everywhere. A person with good public speaking and communication skills is going to be at a great advantage throughout her life over her competitors.

Unfortunately, many of us simply lack the necessary skills, which make us an effective public speaker. Others are terrified at the thought of making a speech in front of a large audience, be it their classmates or colleagues. Hence, they go out of their way to avoid situations where they have to make a speech. They refuse to take part in extracurricular activities in school, which would require them to speak in front of others. They do not conduct any presentation in office, even if it has a negative impact on their professional life. They refuse to take up jobs like teaching or in sales and marketing, which would require them to speak in front of their students or clients.

Therefore, it is extremely important to cultivate effective public speaking skills right from the childhood.

There are a number of tips, which are extremely useful to help you become a skillful public speaker:

1)      Know Your Topic Well And Do Adequate Research On It: The worst mistake anyone can make is not to have adequate knowledge and information about the topic, on which she is going to speak. It is extremely beneficial to collect as much information and knowledge about the topic as possible, so that you are not tongue tied when someone in the audience asks you a question.

2)      Be Well Prepared:  Try to prepare beforehand, so that you will not feel scared when giving your actual speech. Practice in front of a friend or a family member and, if not possible, even in front of the mirror.

3)      Take a Deep Breath and Organize Your Thoughts: If you are not adequately prepared or relaxed before you begin, you will stammer or stutter. To avoid this, take a long, deep breath before you begin and organize your thoughts well. Once you have clarity in your head about what you wish to say and how you want to express your thoughts, you will find it far easier to make your point clear.

4)      Make Your Point and Then Support It by Giving Examples or Evidence in Favor of Your Point:  Have a central point or issue and give relevant examples as well as evidence to support it.

5)      Have Fun while Speaking and Interacting With Your Audience: Lastly, try to enjoy the experience. If you have fun while interacting with your audience as well as while answering their questions, the enjoyment will be permeated to your audience as well.

The Internet is a very good way to learn effective public speaking skills.  Those who want to improve their speaking and wish to learn better techniques can easily watch Youtube vidoes of speakers they admire. It can help the viewers imbibe their body language, posture, expressions, accent, tone of voice, and so on.

There are also many professionals who teach public speaking skills through an online medium. Some of them make general Youtube videos, which everyone with a computer will have access to. Others provide one on one tutoring via Skype to those who are interested. There are many advantages in having a private tutor to impart public speaking skills. A good teacher will:

Help you to better your communication techniques

Stress on enhancing persuasion capabilities

Work hard to help you:

  • Control tone and breathing
  • Use gestures
  • Develop a relationship with the audience
  • Make use of humor in speeches as an effective tool

Today, there is no dearth of tutorials as well as tuition centres around the world, which offer coaching in a plethora of subjects including public speaking. You can hire a tutor to give you personalized attention as well as have Skype and GoToMeeting sessions with your tutors. Thus, if you have any discomfort with public speaking, ranging from mild to severe stage fright or the inability to organize your thoughts and present your material well, a good online teacher will help you overcome your stage fright as well as teach you how to boldly and confidently face your audience with a good poise, body language, and posture.


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