Robotics and Why You Should Learn It

Robotics and Why You Should Learn It

The era of Star Wars started late 1977 and it reflected perhaps the first and foremost perception that we ever had about robots. Since the last four decades robotics has seen phenomenal upsurge that has consequently changed the course of our life. Robotics consists of the four most important part of our basic education – science, technology, engineering and math.

So what is Robotics?

In layman terms it is science and engineering which looks into the technological operation of a robot’s functioning. Electronics, artificial intelligence, mechanics and nanotechnology are further branches or segments that overlap robotics.

The reason for creating robots was to make our lives simpler and over the time robotics have brought in phenomenal advancement to our lives in sectors such as healthcare, education, manufacturing industry, etc. Robots can replace unskilled labour and can bring faster solutions in factories in different industries like wielding, cleaning, etc. Robotics is focused to bring in necessary solution for our household chores in the coming future as well.

The three fundamental purpose of robots would be,

  1. Not to harm human life by any means

  2. A robot is to obey the orders given by humans or their respective owners

  3. A robot is to safeguard their own self as long it abides by the first two rules

Robotics is generally the operating system of a robot which forms it mechanics. It is a hardware which forms the sensory needed for its functioning or the backend on which the robot performs its duties. Different robots are built for different purposes and hence their back ends are completely different from one another. Robotics involve the study of these mechanical structure which makes the robot perform its operation.

Robotics is an interesting branch to study. It is the most progressive of science and engineering and is also the most researched science of the world. Robotics has infinite opportunities and is sure to progress our lifestyle by manifolds. It is the most lucrative career option among all engineering and technology segments.

A robotic engineer should be always keen to learn more. He need to be master of STEM (science, technology, engineer and math) and be constantly eager to innovate. Psychology is also a very important factor to robotics so a person keen to learn robotics must have an open mind about all the segments involved. Fair knowledge on electronics and advanced knowledge on computer science is also essential.

If you are keen to stay ahead of time, if you are keen to shape the mankind, if you want to innovate new ways of life, robotics is your ultimate choice. Before opting for it, you need to ask yourself how comfortable you are in with geometry and, what is your knowledge in computer science, artificial intelligence, electronic engineering? If you are comfortable to constantly nurture these subjects for the rest of your life, then you must take up robotics. Robotics as an education can never ceases. Even after you have got into a full-fledged career there will be constant updates and progress that you need to learn to be in the rat race.

Computer programming or familiarity with coding is a great advantage in robotics and so are designing and technology. Designing a robot ergonomically is extremely important for it to be efficient. You need to understand what goes into a robot design, how can it be communicated graphically and what are the technology involved. A basic knowledge in information system is an added advantage.


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