The Role of Good Health in Education

The Role of Good Health in Education

Good health in a student's life does not essentially refer to the physical health. The emotional health also holds equal importance in a child's life. The overall health influences the daily routine, and performance of the student not only in the educational field but also in the social, cultural and athletic fields. The support of the parents and the schoolmates are important for the students. If their body and mind remain in the good state, they can excel in the various aspects of life with enjoying the following benefits.

Mental Growth Development

The age from 5 to 15 years is ideal for building a person's character, personality, and aesthetic behavior. All these aspects impact on the education pattern, honesty during an exam, and attitude towards others. Students who are in healthy ambiance develop good behavioral habits. Kids who suffer from physical ailment from childhood, are rather quirky all the time. They do not have healthy mental development either.

Immunity Build-Up

A student who is always present at school is more advanced than the frequently absent ones. If you follow the absent notes of a student's diary, you will notice that for an illness students miss their schools. Maintaining good food and lifestyle habit keeps the students physically fit and builds more immunity in them. Hence, they can actively join the classes and be in the benefitted section of pupils.

Flexibility Development

Students need to cope up with an extensive daily schedule and keep the practice of meeting huge pressure daily. Students focussed on achieving long term goals in their life have the urge to stay fit, so that, they are not resisted from taking up any activity in the case of need. Mental and physical comfort intrigues the students to have better flexibility skills.

Active Participation

A student with weak physique is lethargic about taking down notes and following teacher's instructions. They may make photocopies of the notes. But the will never meet the active learning requirement. Students who participate in the class remember their lessons more effectively than those who depend on others.

Rare Medicine Intake requirement

While in class, the students never remember to take their medicines while they are ill. The doctors’ prescribed medicines are wasted when students are not at home. So, it is always better to own the alternative way to stay fit and avoid medicines. Parents nowadays are not concerned about maintaining healthy food habit. Consumption of junk food and irregular food intake may result in severe ailment. Thus, students with healthy practices require a minimum visit to the doctor for staying in good shape.

Improvement in Concentration

Concentration is crucial for succeeding in the educational field and having a better job life. A student with feeble physique is never going to be able to keep full focus and concentration in his studies. As a result, he is going to learn and know less and also going to score little in the exams. You should keep in mind that unsatisfactory result is not going to lead a student to a good and secured future.

Stress Level Reduction

A student undergoes extensive stress for getting good scores in the result, making his or her parents proud by doing good deeds in life and making a lot of money with a successful career. Majorly emotional well being is important than physical fitness in this case. If they are in physically and mentally fit, they can easily achieve their goals with facing lesser speed breakers.

Mahatma Gandhi had said that health is the real wealth for a person but not money, property,silver and gold. The influence of good health can be witnessed and enjoyed from the early childhood that influences the prime aspect of a student’s life i.e. education.


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