Role of Traveling in Education

Role of Traveling in Education

Traveling has recreational as well as educational values. It provides first-hand experiences that even books cannot. Traveling transmits more than theoretical knowledge than almost any other form of education. It allows students to imbibe the essence of the place and bring back valuable information, which they can implement in their respective fields.

Values That Traveling Inculcates

How do you feel about school excursions?

Camping out in the wild with friends and teachers could teach students a good deal of aesthetics and morality on the go. The cultural value of traveling is immense. It provides exposure to varied traditions, beliefs, and cultural practices. This helps students to analyze their own beliefs with respect to a broader spectrum of reasoning. Traveling inculcates a number of values among students, some of which include the following:

  • Tolerance, which helps in building patience
  • Sympathy for fellow teammates
  • Regard for the elderly
  • Impartiality in judgment
  • Kindness towards animals

You see, education isn't restricted solely to books. The entire learning process involves a lot more than Trigonometry and Newton's laws. The values make for a good part of how a child matures into an adult. And traveling plays a major role in instilling these values among children.

The Involuntary Benefits of Traveling

The benefits of travel for students are exceptional and unbelievable. Some of these include:

  • Learning to manage on a tight budget
  • Creating unforgettable memories
  • Developing decision-making abilities
  • Awareness of surroundings

Discipline and manners are the two most important aspects that every child needs to prosper in his/her respective field to acquire proper employment.

Nature is the best teacher, they say, and they are quite right. I think she has placed the Third Eye in every human being, but has left it up to us to try and realize it. This is what traveling helps us in. Students can discover themselves and realize their goals in a newer light.

Enhancing Comprehension Abilities Playfully

Let us take up Biology for example. Many students find the subject boring and difficult. I believe that this is because of lack of clarity, which is a consequence of weak basic concepts. Children tend to mug up without understanding and this results in a fear for the subject.

What if they forget in the examination hall? Now think about live examples. What if you could show them a living plant and explain its parts to your children? Wouldn’t they find it exciting?

Children tend to relate better to objects they can touch and feel rather than pictorial representations in a textbook. Once the primary concepts are understood, they would never have a problem with the tougher ones. This is because, they would instantly link the contents with examples that would be similar to what they have come across on their traveling instances.

Learning Languages With Ease

If the traveling escapades aren't restricted to field trips and extend way beyond borders, then it becomes a great incentive to learn languages. Even though English scores as one of the most popular second languages in various corners of the world, the primary languages in different countries manage t overshadow the influence of English. You cannot expect the vegetable vendor to reply in English to, “What is the price of this?”

Before traveling, learning the native language is important. You can enroll in language learning courses to acquire the skill. The thrill of traveling to a new country fuels this learning immensely. Apart from that, interacting with the native speakers helps in stretching the language skills acquired from the textbooks. This is also known as immersion technique of learning languages. Through this technique, students will be able to quickly catch up on intonation, accent and other such nitty-gritties of the languages.

The Primary Hurdle in Traveling

As beneficial as the effects of traveling are for education, it has one major hurdle – the tall expense. Not every student can gather enough money to travel for education. Commutation fares, accommodation costs and so on add up to a towering bill.

However, there is one solution this problem – scholarships. There are numerous scholarships available to fund traveling expenses of students who wish to study abroad, apply for internships, learn languages and so on. Traveling is a part of education that ushers in scores of benefits. And these funds make it possible.

Trekking, camping, or adventure sports on vacations are a good way to bring children in close proximity to nature. Nature brings out the best in everybody. Getting away from the pollution and chaos of the city and escaping into a beckoning picturesque landscape is no longer just a leisurely trip, but a great scope for learning as well.


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