SAT in Singapore: Test Pattern and Syllabus

SAT in Singapore: Test Pattern and Syllabus

The SAT Exam typically comes in two avatars:

  • The General Test and,

  • The Subject Test

The subject tests are administered to prove the mettle in a particular area on interest. The General SAT is actually far more common and usually serves as a standard entrance examination for undergraduate colleges in the USA.

SAT in Singapore

SAT Test Pattern – Old SAT Vs. The New SAT

Category Old SAT New SAT

Total Approximate Testing Time

3 hours and 45 minutes 3 hours (plus 50 minutes for the Essay [optional])
Components Critical Reading Writing Mathematics Essay Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Reading Test Writing and Language Test Math Essay (optional)
Important Features Emphasis on general reasoning skills Emphasis on vocabulary, often in limited contexts Complex scoring (a point for a correct answer and a deduction for an incorrect answer; blank responses have no impact on scores) Continued emphasis on reasoning alongside a clearer, stronger focus on the knowledge, skills, and understandings most important for college and career readiness and success Greater emphasis on the meaning of words in extended contexts and on how word choice shapes meaning, tone, and impact Rights-only scoring (a point for a correct answer but no deduction for an incorrect answer; blank responses have no impact on scores)
Essay Required and given at the beginning of the SAT 25 minutes to write the essay Tests writing skill; students take a position on a presented issue Optional and given at the end of the SAT; postsecondary institutions determine whether they will require the Essay for admission 50 minutes to write the essay Tests reading, analysis and writing skills; students produce a written analysis of a provided source text
Approximate Score Reporting Scale ranging from 600 to 2400 Scale ranging from 200 to 800 for Critical Reading; 200 to 800 for Mathematics; 200 to 800 for Writing Essay results scaled to multiple-choice Writing Scale ranging from 400 to 1600 Scale ranging from 200 to 800 for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing; 200 to 800 for Math; 2 to 8 on each of three traits for Essay Essay results reported separately
Subscore Reporting None Subscores for every test, providing added insight for students, parents, admission officers, educators, and counselors


Old SAT vs. new SAT : Comparison of test length and timing

Component Time Allotted (minutes) Number of Questions/ Tasks


Time Allotted (minutes) Number of  Questions/ Tasks
Critical Reading 70 67 Reading 65 52
Writing 60 49 Writing and Language 35 44
Essay 25 1 Essay (optional) 50 1
Mathematics 70 54 Math 80 57
Total 225 171 Total 180 (230 with Essay)

153 (154 with Essay)


The SAT Subject Test

Like we said above, the SAT subject test is based on particular topics that the candidate can sit for. Below are the following subjects included in the exam.

Literature Biology/EM German Italianc
U.S. History Chemistry German with Listening Latin
World History Physics Spanish Chinese with Listening
Math Level French Spanish with Listening Japanese with Listening
Math Level 2 French with Listening Modern Hebrew Korean with Listening

SAT subject tests are typically scored on a 200 to 800 scale.


Critical Reading

  • Reading comprehension

  • Sentence completions

  • Paragraph-length critical reading

Math section

  • Solving linear equations and linear inequalities

  • Interpreting linear functions

  • Linear inequality and equation word problems

  • Graphing linear equations

  • Linear function word problems

  • Systems of linear inequalities word problems

  • Solving systems of linear equations

  • Solving quadratic equations

  • Interpreting nonlinear expressions

  • Quadratic and exponential word problems

  • Radicals and rational exponents

  • Operations with rational expressions and polynomials

  • Polynomial factors and graphs

  • Nonlinear equation graphs

  • Linear and quadratic systems

  • Structure in expressions

  • Isolating quantities

  • Functions

  • Ratios, rates, and proportions

  • Percents

  • Units

  • Table data

  • Scatterplots

  • Key features of graphs

  • Linear and exponential growth

  • Data inferences

  • Center, spread, and shape of distributions

  • Data collection and conclusions

  • Volume word problems

  • Right Triangle word problems

  • Congruence and similarity

  • Right triangle geometry

  • Angles, arc lengths, and trig functions

  • Circle: Equations and theorems

  • Complex numbers


  • Essay section

  • Multiple choice sections

All the best for your SAT examination!

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