SAT: Ways to Score High Marks

 SAT: Ways to Score High Marks


The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is the examination that serves as a ticket to different colleges in the United States of America. It is held regularly in different countries across the world. The duration of the test is three hours and forty five minutes.This standardized test is used to measure a student’s academic abilities for admission in a good college. High scores in the SAT exam are among the most important criteria for admission in a good college. In several colleges, SAT scores are even more important than high school Grade Point Averages (GPAs). If a student aspires to get admitted to a good college, for example in an Ivy League College, they need to get high marks in SAT.Studying hard for SAT is one of the best investments a person can make to build a great future. An admission to a good university is the stepping stone to a great career, and a good SAT score will determine, which University one can get into. Here are a few tips, which will help you get high marks in SAT:

  • Practice Regularly:

    This is the most important step required for success in SAT. If a student is well prepared, it will be easier for them to score high marks. A student can easily prepare for SAT by taking the help of private tutors. To score high marks, the students can:
  • Read books available in the market
  • Participate in online courses
  • Group study classes
  • Take mock tests

Do not hesitate to look for a reputed tutorial or private tutor if you need extra help. Buy books, which have questions, answers and practice exercises that follow the pattern offered in SAT.

  • Do Not Fall Prey to Negative Marking:

    In the SAT examinations, there is negative marking for incorrect answers. But marks are not deducted if a student simply does not attempt to answer a question. Thus, a student needs to strike a balance between not answering questions whose answers they have no idea about, and guessing answers to some questions they are not sure of. It is not a sensible strategy to skip every question because they have just a little bit of doubt about it.
  • Practice Guessing the Correct Answer by Eliminating the Obviously Incorrect Answers:

    SAT questions offer multiple choices as answers, and only one of these will be the correct answer. There will definitely be one or two options, which are absurd and obviously incorrect. For example, you might come across a mathematics question where the answer has to be positive, but one of the choices has a negative answer. These choices can be easily eliminated to arrive at the correct choice.
  • Do Not Forget to Keep an Eye on the Watch:

    Even if a student has practiced enough and is confident of doing well, they may fail to score high marks if they are unable to complete the exam in time. Thus, a student needs to keep an eye on the watch. It helps if a student practices solving mock SAT papers within the stipulated time.
  • Move from the Easy to the Difficult Questions:

    In the SAT paper, the easy questions are usually at the beginning. All the questions carry the same marks irrespective of whether they are easy or difficult. So, it makes enough sense to try to answer as many easy questions as possible before moving on to the difficult ones. An examinee who attempts the difficult questions first risks spending too much time trying to solve them and not having enough time left to solve the other questions.
  • Have High Expectations, but set an Achievable Goal:

    You can easily obtain a copy of the Official SAT Practice Test from the College Board. Print a copy or get a SAT Preparation booklet and try to practice completing the test in three hours forty five minutes without a break. There are directions in the booklet about grading the test and using the scores for setting goals. You can easily find the average, above average, and below average scores of SAT at your target colleges online or from the college admission office. Try to score at least as high as the average SAT score when you practice.


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