Scoring High Marks in Chemistry: A Few Handy Tips

Scoring High Marks in Chemistry: A Few Handy Tips

In the curriculum that the schools in Singapore follow, different subjects are taught. All of them are extremely important. However, if you are planning to go for the science stream, you will have to take up a few specific subjects, such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and so on. Among these, chemistry is regarded as one of the most interesting. It involves the study of matters – their composition, properties, structure, transformations, and so on. It also studies the reaction between atoms and molecules, involves alloys, polymers and so on. However, no matter how much you like the subject, scoring high marks in it in the examination is a completely different thing. There are quite a few tips, which need to be followed if you are planning to score high marks in the subject in your examinations.

Decide How Much Time You Wish to Devote to ChemistryThis is true not just for Chemistry, but for any other subject that you wish to study as well. The more time you devote to the studies, the better you will be able to master the subject. It is also important to take short breaks while studying, as that will help you concentrate better rather than trying to cram everything in a short time.

Emphasize the Core Concepts: Try to develop a strong grasp of the fundamental concepts in Chemistry. Once you have comprehended the core concepts of chemistry, it will be easy for you to learn every aspect of the subject.

Eat Nutritious Food and Get Adequate SleepOne should not forget to eat and sleep while studying. It is important for you to eat healthy and nutritious food and try to get at least seven to nine hours of sleep each and every night. Once the body is healthy, the mind too will be fresh. So, it will be easier for the students to grasp Chemistry faster.

Get a Friend to Study with YouDo you feel you study better in groups, as you can discuss things? Then it is a good idea to get a study buddy, who is also learning Chemistry. She can provide vital motivation when you are falling behind, as well as help to clarify your doubts, just as you will be able to help her.

Pay Attention to the Teacher: This is vital, whether you are studying Chemistry from a private tutor, in school or even from an online tutor. You should pay careful attention to what the teacher has to say. It is also a good habit to take notes. You can leave some space between the notes to write down any doubts, which you may later wish to clarify from the teacher.

If Necessary, Hire a Private Tutor or Attend a Coaching Class: Even after paying enough attention in class, you might find that you are not being able to grasp the subject properly. You need to give a rethink to the situation. You might need some extra help. It is time you look for a private tutor or take admission in a coaching center. The advantage of a private tutor is that, she can provide individualized attention that is often lacking in a classroom setting where there are many students and it is impossible to devote time and attention to all. Every teacher’s style of teaching might not be suitable for every student. You can hire a private tutor whom you feel comfortable with.

Pay Special Attention to Equations and FormulaeChemical equations and formulae lie at the heart of Chemistry. You should try to devote special attention to these topics if you hope to do well in Chemistry. Once you master equations and formulae, the rest is likely to come easily.

Try to Catch up Fast In Case You Fall BehindIt is very important to try to catch up when you have fallen behind. Procrastinating will only increase the burden and make it tougher for you to catch up. Hence, it is always good to remain up to date in the subject.

Make a Habit of Solving Sample Question PapersSolving the Chemistry question papers of the earlier years will give the students a fair idea of the types of questions, which can come in the examinations. They will also help to build up the confidence of the students and improve his time management skills.

Following these tips properly is likely to make it easier for you to score high marks in chemistry.


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