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Last-minute Tips for High School Students before the Finals

Students before final exams take excessive tension that spoils their performance in the exam. Having a good preparation, yet not being able to perform well in the finals is not at all a good sign. To avoid situations like this, the students need to follow a few last-minutes tips before their test

Apr 05, 2021 Academics
Sudipto Das

All you Need to Know About Problem-Based Learning in Med School

Problem-based learning is quite a common pedagogical practice in a lot of progressive medical schools around the world. Although there are several variants of this teaching and learning technique, it basically involves the use of applied problems to engage small groups of students in discussions

Oct 27, 2020 Academics
Sudipto Das

Top 10 schools in Austin, Texas

Austin is the capital of Texas and it is the eleventh populous city in the US. It has twenty-nine public school districts, seventeen charter schools, and sixty-nine private schools that serve Independent school districts. The school district operates local primary sch

Aug 14, 2020 Academics
Sudipto Das

How to Proceed if a High School Has No Advanced Classes?

Pursuing favorite subjects to the utmost possible detail adds to the degree and also helps to create career in the relevant field quickly. But this dream becomes difficult to accomplish if the high school has no advance curriculum in the related subject. Students might need to go out of the ordin

Mar 09, 2020 Academics
Sudipto Das

Top Advantages of Taking AP Exams in High School

AP and IB(International Baccalaureate) are two best options available at the disposal of high school aspiring candidates. These exams are mainly taken to test the academic knowledge and overall grasp of the student over the subject. These exams are the best because they have no downhill but only

Mar 05, 2020 Academics
Sudipto Das

Smartphone Addiction – The New Epidemic

Almost everywhere you go, whether it’sa party, or a gala event, or a religious affair, smartphones are everywhere. People in a gathering are communicating more on their personal handheld devices than among themselves. Taking “selfies”, “googling” facts, and “ch

Jan 22, 2020 Academics
Sudipto Das

What Makes a Decent Primary School Teacher [Infographic]

Four of every five primary school teachers are ladies and about a third are 30 or under, however, what character qualities do the decent primary school teachers share? Let's take a look.

Jul 05, 2019 Become a Teacher