Vital Questions & Suggestions For Parents Seeking Expert Tutors for Kids

Vital Questions & Suggestions For Parents Seeking Expert Tutors for Kids

Deciding on a tutor that best fits for your child can be an overwhelming experience. I, residing in Melbourne, have also gone through this phase. Helping my 8 year old kid, Emma with her homework seemed to be alarming especially with the excessive pressure and expectations from school. Emma seemed to get frustrated and stressed with his work load and required an experienced helping hand to overcome her academic obstacles. It is then I stated looking out for hiring a tutor. I was however, baffled by the thought of selecting a suitable tutor and the factors that would determine that. I browsed through some of our Australian sites and jotted down certain questionnaires before approaching the tutor that later proved to be very helpful. Like me, if you are also in search of a tutor for your kid and in pursuit of transparency, my suggestions that I gathered from my experience would help you narrow down your choices and hunt for the appropriate teacher.

Specific Areas You Must Evaluate

  • Experience and qualification:

    As a parent you must know the experience and qualification of the tutor teaching in Australia before hiring. Tutors with years of experience and having in-depth knowledge of the subject and its content confirm as better instructors for your child.
  • Teaching method and skills:

    Each country has adopted unique ways of teaching their students. Conforming to those that are best suited in Australia, the tutors too need to implement innovative techniques and methods to impart education to the pupils to help them develop interest towards studies.
  • Communication skills:

    It is essential that the student develops a cordial relationship with the tutor and effortlessly communicate. For a flourishing and engrossing tutoring session the tutor must have fluency in communication, enabling him to provide feedback.
  • Achievements:

    Parents must track down current references and the achievements of the tutor to analyze his success report. Positive feedback from students & parents, higher test results in school, interesting homework sessions can help parents recognize the proficiency of the teachers.
  • Cost Analysis:

    Fees are an important determining factor for selecting a tutor. You must compare and analyze the payment scale of the tutor on the basis of his skills, experience, teaching methods, individual or group tuition etc.

What to ask the tutor?

  1. Why you choose tutoring:

    Tutors working in close proximity with pupils build an effective relationship. As a parent you need to understand the tutor’s aspirations and inclinations towards teaching and his willingness, patience and keenness to nurture the child.
  2. What methods and style you adopt to teach:

    Every child being different, demands special or sometimes unusual techniques or styles of teaching that would motivate him in mastering the concerned subjects.
  3. Do you have current references:

    Reliable references prove to be informative for gathering information about the tutor. Even written reviews or ratings by students and parents offer invaluable insight about the proficiency of the teacher.
  4. What are your experiences and qualifications:

    You must be aware of the qualification and relevant experiences of the tutor in the respective field. Take notes the credentials and the expertise of the tutor. It’s important that the tutor is trained to handle the students, acknowledging his strengths and weaknesses. 
  5. What are the learning techniques and modules you use:

    Children study when they enjoy learning and develop interest towards the subject. A teacher through her effective communication skills, up-to-the-minute practices and interesting modules can encourage the students towards leaning, fostering a whole new fascinating experience.
  6. How do you build the teacher-student relationship:

    This is crucial for accomplishing the tutoring goals. Students follow various strategies for learning and belong to diverse cultural backgrounds. To help them achieve their goals a healthy teacher-student relationship with mutual respect is essential. Parents need to emphasize on this for the steady progress of their wards.  
  7. What type of assessment tools you use:

    Of course, as parents you must be aware of the academic progress of your child. That’s the crucial reason for tutoring. The tutor needs to clearly demonstrate the growth and progress of the child through pre and post test results and the academic grades. Moreover, you must ask the tutor for regular feedbacks of the child to remain updated.
  8. What is your desired pay rate:

    This poses as a major factor while selecting a tutor. Tutorial costs vary from place to place and also on the experience and qualification of the tutor. Parents must first discuss with the tutor and decide on the fee structure to avoid any confusion later.

An apt tutor remaining nonjudgmental towards the child should promote academic risks and remain observant of the growth his growth. To facilitate this all you need to do is decide on the suitable instructor through accurate planning and observance of decisive factors.


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