Why is Singapore a popular higher education hub?

Why is Singapore a popular higher education hub?

We all know Singapore boasts of a thriving tourism industry, with over 15.5 million tourists visiting the region during 2013. But, as they say, there is more than what meets the eye! Singapore has emerged victorious in yet another sector, which is higher education.And today, it is one of the leading education hubs in the world! About 68% of the population of Singapore has higher education qualifications, as revealed by the latest government statistics recorded in 2013. Do you now understand why so many students are travelling to this part of the world for pursuing their higher education?

No wonder Singapore is home to a large number of reputed universities, which produces extraordinary students every single year! It has excelled particularly in the fields of Science and Mathematics. However, the region is sought after for its educational facilities in many other streams like law, music, animation, design and many more.

Let us look into the different higher education options in Singapore:

Diploma Schools: Diploma schools in Singapore include Polytechnics and also a school which provides technical education. You will find five Polytechnics here which offer three-year diploma courses in various disciplines. Tourism, Accountancy, Biotechnology, Mass Communication, Digital Media, Hospitality Management, Business Studies and Engineering are some of the subjects taught in these institutes. Specialized courses on Optometry, Nautical Studies, Marine Engineering and Nursing are also provided. Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic, Temasek Polytechnic and Ngee Ann Polytechnic are some examples.

And if you seek to enroll for technical studies, you can straightaway aim for The Institute of Technical Education. Choose any one from the numerous subjects including Hospitality, Design and Media, Applied Sciences, Engineering, Electronics, Information Communications Technology or Business. The institution provides traineeship as well as part-time courses. The traineeship programs are conducted jointly by ITE and other companies.

Universities: You will come across about 34 universities in Singapore, out of which six are national universities. Besides these, you can also apply in private, publicly-funded and also the campuses of various foreign tertiary educational institutions. They offer a wide range of courses in a number of subjects on graduation and post-graduation levels.

Would you like to know the names of the national universities of Singapore I was just talking about? Well they are: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Management University (SMU), National University of Singapore, Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore Institute of Technology and Design and SIM University.

You would be surprised if I tell you the number of students studying in each of the two institutes, namely Nanyang Technological University and National University of Singapore. Can you make a wild guess? The number is approximately 30,000 for each of the universities! Another institute, SMU, offers PhD programs to over 7,000 students in Social Sciences, Business Management, Law, Accountancy and Economics.

International Universities: Singapore is a popular educational destination for yet another reason. Several foreign universities have established their offshore branches in this region. Their goal is to provide a holistic education, particularly to the Asian students which dominate the student population in this portion of the world.

Some of the reputed foreign universities here consist of Queen Margaret University, James Cook University Singapore, Temple University, Southern Cross University, Aventis School of Management, University of Adelaide, The City University of New York, Curtin University of Technology, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, ESSEC Business School and so on. These institutions attract a vast quantity of students from numerous parts of the world every year!

Popular Subjects in Higher Education

Singapore is truly an interesting place for studying. You would agree with me whole-heartedly once you know about some of the most popular subjects taught here. The options are plenty. You just need to pick and choose your favorite, that’s all dear students! You can select from a long list of courses in Aviation, Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering, Law, MBA, Journalism, Finance, Fashion Design, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Healthcare Management, Marine Engineering, Interior Design, Marketing, Computer Science and much more.

The best part about higher education in Singapore is that it is much affordable. I mean when you compare it with the cost of higher education in western countries like US, Australia or UK.

So, are you ready for a brand new ‘educational adventure’ in the beautiful land of Singapore?


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