Social Media – the New-age Classroom for Online Education

Social Media – the New-age Classroom for Online Education

The advancements in the field of technology are leaving its imprint everywhere, and always. There is hardly any field of life, which is not being impacted by the rapid motion forward of the world of information and technology. And the world of education is no exception as well. The concept of online education was born through the idea of integrating technology and studies together. The technology of the modern age has helped to make it true. However, technology has moved forward with time. And the social media are the latest craze in the IT world. The world of education has continued making use of the technological advancements. And social media is the latest among them.

Social Media Replacing Blogs for Education

The importance of online learning is increasing gradually. In a fast world when there is hardly any time to spare, students are hesitant to spend time travelling to go and return from schools. Instead, they are more comfortable learning from the cosy ambiance of their rooms. And for that, online learning is the only way. Earlier, blogs played a major role in online learning. But it had its own shares of demerits. For example, blogs could be managed and maintained only by a single administrator, which was a major issue. Hence, they were replaced by social media. It means more fun for the students while learning. Moreover, it is also suited for students of almost all age groups. And all they need for it is an account in the social media where the online class is being organised.

Becoming More Important than LMS

With every passing day, the importance of social media is increasing in the field of education. Even a few years back, it used to be only the learning management systems (LMSs) when it came to online learning. A large number of schools and other educational institutions primarily had faith on the LMS when it came to imparting training to the students over the internet. However, this has changed significantly with the passage of time. A large number of schools now make use of social media websites, such as Facebook and others, to connect with the students. In fact, these online platforms are used to hold classes every now and then.

Driving Interaction during Online Learning

One of the most important things needed these days while education is imparted is interaction. There needs to be interaction between the student and the tutor, and also between fellow students. Moreover, a proper environment needs to be there for the students to learn new things. These were difficult to find in blogs and in LMSs. And social media turned out to be right place for this. The integrated chats in social media can be used to converse in groups. This can be the best way to drive the interaction between the students and the teachers. They can discuss about the topic that has been taught. Besides, the students can also approach the teachers on the social media platform to clear the doubts that they have. In a nutshell, the use of social media is helping to perform the most important thing during studying – interaction.

Becoming Important in Schools and Colleges

With the passage of time, classrooms and blackboards are experiencing waning importance. In fact, the use of paper has decreased significantly in the field of education worldwide. Instead, online education is taking its place. Social media is fast becoming an extremely important factor in the field of online education. This is why more and more schools and educational institutions are establishing their online presence. Besides, they are also formulating social media strategies to make it easier for the teachers and the students to exchange their views and hold classes.

Separate Classrooms on Social Media

The number of degrees offered online is increasing with every passing day. And the classes held for these degree programs are organised on the social media platforms. If you are interested, you can always take part in the discussions, which are held on certain chapters. You can also join the groups on the social media platform, such as Facebook, Twitter and so on. These groups usually have options to limit the access of others. Hence, they can be used as separate classrooms where the tutors and students can discuss different topics together.

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