Speed Read to Beat Your Information Overload: The Benefits

Speed Read to Beat Your Information Overload: The Benefits

Don’t you feel, sometimes, that too much information is streaming in everyday from all direction? It seems absolutely impossible to keep track. But then, losing out on information is deemed unpardonable, since it feels like jeer-sharks are tearing at your collar when you can’t participate in the water cooler conversation at work.

What if I tell you that this can be fixed? Imagine whizzing through your email in half the time and breezing through newspapers in minutes! That would be something, right? Speed reading can actually get you there and help you achieve much more. Speed reading comes with a legion of overwhelming benefits that you never imagined possible.

Saves time

Imagine going through the whole of your question paper in 3 minutes and marking out which questions you are going to attempt first. Sounds appealing, right? Speed reading can save up the extra time for you to revise your answers before you submit the paper. Wouldn’t be amazing to avoid the mistakes that you end up kicking yourself for, when the marked papers come out?

It also works as great exam preparation strategy. Imagine completing your entire syllabus within time with room enough to squeeze in revision sessions!

Improves memory

If you are thinking of learning to speed read, then that’s a great thing. But think: what good would an excess of 600+ word per minute speed do if you don’t understand much of anything you read? Here we come to another benefit. Speed reading helps in engaging the other part of the brain which is responsible for visualization. This helps you picturing the text you are reading, to avoid regression.

The brain is like a muscle. The more you work it, the better it will perform. If you train your brain to absorb information faster, it will adapt accordingly with memory. An improved understanding also leads to enhanced creativity.

Enhances problem solving skills

Did you know that the conscious mind solves problems at roughly 100–150 miles-per-hour, meanwhile, our subconscious blazes away at close to 100,000 m.p.h? And speed reading puts this to use overwhelmingly. Speed reading enables you to stream more information to your subconscious allowing it to solve problems swiftly.

Access to better employment

Did you know that 75% of the jobs require a minimum reading proficiency of the ninth grade and almost 20% of the employees can’t read above the fifth grade level? Therefore, this has resulted in reduced job satisfaction as a consequence of inadequate pay.

Speed reading is a basic skill that can up your chances at a better employment and help you stand out among a bunch of aspirants for a lucrative job. And this translates to a better income. Apart from that, speed reading enhances your focus and creativity and improves thinking abilities. These skills will help you climb the career ladder in your field.

Leads to improved standardized test scores

The SAT, LSAT, GRE, GMAT and other standardized tests mandate reading proficiency to be a critical skill. To score well, mastering the “Critical Reading” and “Reading Comprehension” sections are not enough. Many students have been found to be slow readers, which make it difficult for them to complete all the sections in the test. Therefore, they tend to race through the material, leaving little or no room for comprehension, resulting in unsatisfactory test scores. Speed reading can help tremendously in that.

How about putting on your smart pants with speed reading?

Some people are born with it, while some speed read. Accumulating knowledge, being aware of facts, truth and information are what make us the go-to person at work, at parties or at social gatherings. The next someone judges you, you can give them something good to talk about, or better, make them envious.

  • With speed reading, you won’t miss out on any chance of impressing your boss with the right facts and statistics in your next presentation.
  • You would be able to handle any question with efficiency and accuracy and correct evidence to back up your claims or proposals. This would strengthen your personality traits.
  • Speed reading can affect the neuroplasticity of your brain. Therefore, it helps your brain to map new connections, thus improving your thinking skills.
  • You would develop an inherent self-confidence. So the next time you are asked about anything in a tight situation, you would not find yourself hesitating
  • Speed reading can produce innovative thinkers along with an ability to re-frame problems unlocking a creative imagination.
  • Speed reading also improves decision-making skills.

Improves logic

Did you know that speed reading can help you win at chess innumerable times in a row? When you train your brain to read faster, it starts to correlate new information with the old ones which are already stored and helps you in sorting information three times faster. The better you get at speed reading, the faster this process takes place.

Once you have a better ability to read, you would find yourself more at ease with your fellow workers or students in any situation. Your confidence will soar and it will change your life for better.

Did you have success with speed reading? We would love to hear about that. Share your experiences with us in the comments section.


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