What Students in Australia Can Pursue for Great Careers

What Students in Australia Can Pursue for Great Careers

As students, choosing what to pursue further can be a rather difficult and overwhelming decision. Most of the students often begin planning for their career only at the last minute and therefore end up choosing paths which don’t actually suit them.

Australia is emerging as a rather popular destination for higher studies. It is because of Australia’s quality of education and life. Students must consider the career that would offer the best chances of succeeding. A combination of good prognosis and a good pay in a sector would make the best bet for their career.

Listed below are a few of the professions that you can choose to pursue further.


Students who choose to pursue law have an excellent chance of earning some good money in Australia. The great thing about this sector is the fact that the salaries rise pretty quickly with good performance. The average salary within this sector starts from somewhere around $60,000 depending upon the position that you hold. The people performing well on a regular basis get awarded. If you have that thing within you that wants to fight for the wrongdoings and the injustices, the law is what you should go for.

Medical and Healthcare

Australia is undoubtedly one of the best destinations for getting jobs related to medical and healthcare. If you are interested in pursuing dentistry or nursing, Australia is a great place for that. Herein you would be able to get a good salary and of course a good salary with that. Dentists can earn somewhere around $ 78,000 per year while nurses can expect to earn approximately $60, 000 per year. The salaries would definitely increase with the experience and the level of expertise. Surgeons in Australia can earn a lot more than $300,000 per year.

Banking and Finance

Banking and finance are undoubtedly the backbone of the economy of any country. The pay scale in this sector can start from approximately $40,000 a year and go up to as high as $100,000 depending upon the responsibilities and the roles that are involved. For the ambitious people, banking and finance is a rather safe sector to join. The great thing about working in this sector is the fact that you get promotions pretty quickly and with that the salary increases too.

IT Sector

With the continuous growth in the digital world, the demand for the skilled and experienced professionals has also increased. By pursuing a career in computer technology and programming, you would be able to secure a good position for yourself. The average salary that you can expect as an IT professional in Australia is somewhere about $100,000 a year. Also, you can be sure of job security as technology has definitely taken over the world and is here to stay and continually advance.


For all of the students who are looking forward to pursuing a career in management or Chartered accountancy, you are in good luck. The accountants happen to get paid the highest and are in huge demand in Australia at all times. This sector is for everyone who doesn't really mind working for long hours and by that, we mean really long hours. And for working for so much of time, you would be able to earn some really good money and have a great standard of life. An accountant in Australia who is working for a small or a medium sized firm can expect to earn somewhere around $70,000 to $90,000.


Consultants, no matter what happens are always going to be in demand. Everything around might change completely but the need for consultants would remain the same forever. A great way to land the job as a consultant is to pursue a degree in from a management institute. As a consultant, you can expect to get paid somewhere around $100,000 as a minimum amount.


People who can bring in more business for a company are an asset and are among the highest paid employees. Getting into the sales sector is easy; all you have to do is make a name for yourself so as to succeed. However, one must remember that this sector is quite risky and there is a high level of stress also involved with it.

Choosing a career is important as that is going to decide your future. Choose what interests you the most and you would succeed for sure.


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