Subjects that are Gaining in Importance in Today's Higher Education

Subjects that are Gaining in Importance in Today

With the boom in technology and advancement in science, many subjects are gaining importance in today’s higher education.

Previously there were few subjects such as medical science, political science, history, architecture, geography, mathematics, physics, chemistry, botany, zoology, various engineering branches such as civil, mechanical, electrical, language and literature, among others that dominated the education system.

However, the times are changing and more subjects have been introduced in the educational landscape. Students now have a wide array of subjects to choose from and build a career out of them.

Some of the subjects that are gaining importance in today’s higher education are

1. Robotics

With more and more companies focusing to leverage Artificial Intelligence, robotics technology is gaining traction and is attracting many students to make a career in this field. Many innovative and big companies like Tesla, Google, Apple, Toyota, etc are aiming to mass produce self-driving vehicles in the near future and it will be propelled by robotics technology. To make this possible they need to rope in huge number of professionals in the robotics domain. Apart from driverless car technology, robotics can play a major role in agriculture, military, IT, and other sectors.

2. Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is a promising field for science graduates who envision making breakthrough innovations. In the present times, many innovations are possible due to nanotechnology and it is considered a lucrative and rewarding field of study by many graduates. Nanotechnology is a division of engineering that devises the creation of products through the manipulation in atomic and molecular level.

3. Geology

Geology is the study of Earth’s natural resources, their formation, and their composition. Many students are opting for geology to understand the various earth processes, tap the natural resources, find ways to combat the climate change, and discover any new natural resources. Geology is also lucrative and rewarding as the annual initial salary for a fresher range from $50,000 to $100,000. The demand for well trained geologists is also very high and it is expected that the job opportunities for geologists will be more than the number of geology graduates in the next few years.

4. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a new form of promotion of brands and products through one or several types of social media and vary from conventional marketing strategies. Digital marketing entails the utilization of methods and channels which help a firm to evaluate promotional activities and recognize the things that works and that don’t. The popularity of various social media sites and the new addition of social media platforms have open a huge opportunities for students. Learning digital marketing will enable professionals to use the social media sites to their benefits.

5. Telecommunications

Even though it is not a new subject, the demand for telecommunications professional is at an all time high due to the surge in the telecom companies and IT revolution. Telecommunications is a booming sector and has a long road ahead with new breakthroughs in the industry every now and then.

6. Investment Banking and Financial Management

Money never goes out of fashion! Finance managers and investment bankers are always sought after no matter what. This course requires high level of expertise in terms of mathematics and financial acumen. Students comfortable in math and number churning can find a career in investment banking and financial management rewarding and comfortable. Plus there is a huge financial consideration involved in the career as finance professionals draw a handsome salary.

7. Retail Management

With several large brands already in markets and hundreds and thousands of new ones introduced on a regular basis, retail management offers huge career prospects to students. Students can pursue retail management course to become store managers, supervisors, senior managers, etc.


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