Sure Ways of Excelling in Examinations

Sure Ways of Excelling in Examinations

Examinations are a vital part of the education system as they measure the students’ progress levels. Examinations determine the level of understanding and proficiency in a particular subject of students. Tests help students to identify their weak areas on a subject and induce them to do well by putting more hard work on those subjects.

However, despite all its merits, examinations are dreaded by a majority of students who lose their sleep and remain stressful as the dates of exams approach closer. Just ahead of exams, even the best and the coolest students lose their calm and lose confidence on their preparation.

Students need to understand that worrying about the questions is not going to help them do well in their tests but good preparation and cool mind can.

Hence, it is essential for them to leave no stone unturned in their preparation from the beginning of their academic sessions and build their own strategies that will help them to perform well in their subjects.

1. Remain confident and develop a positive attitude

Remaining confident will enable you to make adequate preparation without stress or worries. A positive attitude will help you to remain persistent with your studies consistently and efficiently. Being confident is the best thing you can do to yourself before appearing an exam.

2. Develop a strategy

Before appearing the exam, chalk out a roadmap that will help you to achieve better results with fewer efforts. Ask questions regarding the key topics that are likely to come in the examinations. The possible sources from where the questions are going to come. Make sure you have prepared as per the learning objectives of each chapter and skim for the key points. Be present in the review sessions and pay attention to what the teacher discusses for it may provide hints about the questions that are going to come in the tests.

3. Prepare from the beginning of the academic session

Nothing can substitute hard work and you cannot cover an entire syllabus in just a few days, which has been designed for a whole academic year. Hence, instead of trying to cut corners, make a long term preparation and study consistently throughout the year. Your preparation should begin a long back before exams and you must ensure to pay attention to your subjects, understand the subjects, take notes, submit home works within deadline, and revise the lessons.

4. Get sufficient sleep

You should get at least six to seven hours of sleep before appearing an exam as that will help you to remain sharp and recall the things you have studied so hard. Not getting enough sleep will make you forgetful, irritable, and fidgety.

5. Move your body and get some exercise

Exercise will help you to remain alert and active. Exercise increase blood circulation to brain and also produce serotonin, a feel good hormone. A good exercise regimen will help you to overcome fatigue and bounce back to studies.

6. Eat healthy to think better

You should munch on nutrient-rich foods such as apple, fish, avocado, bananas, blue berries, green leafy vegetables to help you focus better and improve your memory.

7. Manage your time

You can use a stopwatch to manage your time. You must attempt the easy and high mark fetching questions first and leave the difficult and less mark fetching questions to be attempted later.

8. Utilize test-taking methods

You need to know the structure of the test beforehand so that you can attempt all the questions within the stipulated time. Know the number of sections the test is going to have, the distinction between the sections, the types of questions, etc.


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