Teacher Can Help a Weak Student to Improve Academically

Teacher Can Help a Weak Student to Improve Academically

The students of a class hardly have the same result at the end of an academic session. It is not a magic that all students will achieve same marks. Performances of some students will be better while others will not be able fare well in their class. However, it is alarming if a student consistently has poor grades in a subject or two. It becomes essential to analyze the weakness of the student and help that child get out of the problems.

“Success is dependent on effort”-Sophocles

Are the students always responsible for their poor performances? Certainly not! There are many reasons for which many students lag behind in their academic performances. First of all improved grades are not a measure of success. But, when a student repeatedly fails to secure even the average scores in examinations, there are chances that student is either not understanding the subject or lacks motivation.

The teachers can help the students to overcome their academic weaknesses imbibing positive thinking and encouraging them to practice more. There are some students who take a little longer to understand a matter and memorize it. It does not mean that the slow learners cannot succeed. It is seen that these students can retain knowledge for a longer time than many quick learners. As a teacher you can chalk out a study plan for them. If they learn how to make most of their study time there will surely be a noticeable difference in their academic performance. Experiment with the strategies that work best for the students seeking attention.

Scheduling the study time

First of all it is essential to set a daily study schedule. Speak with the students and their parents to determine the time of the day they are more focused and plan the study time accordingly. A comfortable place with no distraction is ideal for a student to learn their lessons. However, while planning the study schedules consider the play time and other necessary breaks.

Setting a goal

For motivating the weak students give them assignments on a regular basis. Acknowledge their success if they successfully complete their assignments. It is a motivating factor and the students will try to accomplish each task once they become habituated with the process.

The students also identify in which subject they are finding interest and in which areas they are lagging. Ask the teacher to help you out so that you can overcome the weaknesses. Whenever you feel let down motivate yourself saying that you are capable of performing better.

Wrong practices

Memorizing the information by repeatedly learning a lesson is not the proper way to study. It is crucial to understand the materials that you are studying. If you try to memorize without understanding you will fail to remember that. When you have understood what you are studying it will easier for you to remember.

There are several techniques that help to remember the important names, formulas, definitions and dates. Write them down and recite them until you can repeat without looking at them. You can also form an acronym taking the first letter of each term that you are trying to remember and remember that new word.

Home tutor

Sometimes a student needs special attention in a subject. A school teacher cannot always provide that necessary guidance. In such a situation, the student moves to a private tutor. But, private tuition is expensive and often parents fail to finance that. Online tutors are comparatively cheaper and help the student overcome the weaknesses.

It is easy to access virtual teachers in this mobile era. They will constantly work with the students over skype and provide necessary guidelines, advices and information.

Form a group

An introvert student will not open up easily before a team. It will not be of much use to introduce such a student in a team. Otherwise the student could have performed well in the class only. However, it will be favorable if the student studies and practices lessons with a fellow student. They can discuss about the lessons and collaboratively work on the problems. It will boost up their confidence level. However, you have to take personal care of the weak student and help the child improve academically.

A teacher can help a student to improve in every possible ways, but students have to show interests and study properly to prosper in the academic field.


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