5 Tech Breakthroughs Expected and Their Possible Impact on Our Future

5 Tech Breakthroughs Expected and Their Possible Impact on Our Future

Technology is advancing day by day. More and more innovations are made in the field of technology. Machines are replacing humans in most of the fields. Technology is expanding so rapidly that in coming few years all the day to day tasks will be performed by robots. There are plenty of new technical breakthroughs that are expected in near future.

Upcoming tech breakthroughs in near future

Most of the business will become online-based: The convergence of the digital and physical worlds makes this inevitable. The shift from local stores and shops to mega online shopping sites and social media apps has already started and is in full flow. Operations dependent on one-time product sales will become obsolete as business value moves from products to the experiences they enable. Hence it is important to develop your business according to the latest trends and make it digital. Those who are well informed and ad versed about the internet market will be successful in business.

Data Driven Health Care: A lot of data is available in the world today. Data analysing is becoming the most important key for marketing and competition. It will create the possibility for truly personalized healthcare by allowing providers to impact the biggest determinants of health, including behaviours, genetics and environmental factors.

Use of Solar Energy: As the need for electricity increases, we need to find a substituent for fossil fuels. Solar energy is the ideal substituent for fossil fuels. As per the reports, solar energy will be the world’s largest single source energy in near future. Solar thermal and solar photovoltaic energy will heat buildings, water, and provide energy for devices in the home and office, as well as in retail buildings and manufacturing facilities. Solar technologies could prove to be quite significant for global power generation which will help economy and business. It will also improve the climate.

Easy access to internet and development of new gadgets: We are almost on the verge of easy internet access to everyone. Ultra cheap, internet-enabled solar-powered screens that display in HDTV resolution will be on bus stops, in shopping centres, at tables in restaurants – all operating on a centralized advertising model. In future internet will be accessible to rich as well as poor, and at all the places. New and new gadgets are being developed. A lot of features like projectors are being introduced in smartphone. Soon smartphone and laptops will released which will have storage capacity of more than 500GB. Bluetooth device will be as small as a size of nail. All these gadgets will be cost effective and easily accessible.

Development of machines and Robots: One of the most significant changes in the future will be about the development of machines. In future machines will be extremely cost sufficient with high amount of efficiency rate. Machines will be able to perform most of the human tasks. This will decrease the cost of the consumer products. Robots are being developed with exact resemblance to humans. These robots will be able to speak language like humans, can communicate with people, would understand things like human beings. Better language understanding would make machines a whole lot more useful.

Impact of Growing Technology

New tech breakthroughs will change the lives of people completely. Although it will improve the standards of living, it will also reduce the job opportunities and problems like unemployment can arise. With machines and technology replacing humans, there will be lot of jobs lost. These technologies all have staying power. They will affect the economy and our politics, improve medicine, or influence our culture. Some are unfolding now; others will take a decade or more to develop.

We need to recognise that we live at a time of deep structural change, and that we must prepare for a future that will be unlike the past. We should get prepared for the future technologies. An era would begin where delivery drones would provide deliveries, smartphones would be obsolete, and virtual reality would replace textbooks. Time will change and we will be heavily dependent on technology. It will be required in each and every aspect of our lives.


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