Technology Implementation in Classrooms

Mar 16, 2020

It’s common knowledge these days that technology has improved by leaps and bounds in the past few decades. If you need some examples, there are plenty around you. TVs have gone thinner than even picture frames; smartphones are getting upgraded day by day; same things are also happening to laptops or computers. Even Internet of Things (IoT) has gained prominence today. But there’s still one place where technology hasn’t gained as much prominence as it should’ve had. That place is your school classroom

With the exponential improvement in technology, it’s time to implement the same in school classrooms for a better and efficient education. This article will highlight some fundamental ways through which you can implement technology in school classrooms.

Multimedia Presentations

Multimedia presentations are simply considered one of the best ways to impart effective lessons in classes. Traditional lectures can be livened up through these PowerPoint presentations that incorporate diagrams, photographs, sound effects, music and video clips. The entire learning experience becomes gratifying from the student’s point of view. The classes also become very entertaining, and the students will certainly look forward to it. For high school students, you can also make them design such presentations.


This technology is a pretty enticing technology that you can implement in classes. It’s pretty exciting as well and fun at the same time. Students will love to see their written words transformed into spoken words by a machine.


Text-to-Braille technology is pretty beneficial for visually impaired students who find immense difficulty in learning from texts written on plain papers. Implementing such technology will make the learning experience more gratifying from the student’s point of view.

Take the lessons online

You can also implement some online tools to enhance your lessons in classes. Online tutoring tools can be your ace in the hole in this matter.

Apps and games

Children love to play games. If you can incorporate games in school lessons, you’ll see that your students will not even realise that they are learning while they are playing. Someapps are available in the market (Google play for Android, iTunes for iOS) that can serve this purpose effectively. Implement them in classes and you’ll see that your students have developed a different approach to lessons and are getting more involved in the subject matter. We would also like to say that a fair number of these apps are free of cost, and a few of them are available at a reasonable price. But the paid apps can sometimes definitely be worth it.

Lego Mindstorms kits

Lego Mindstorms kits are a good way to introduce students to the wonders of technology and electronics or more specifically, we should say robots. Robotics is seen to be an avant-garde form of education, but his field undoubtedly has immense prospects. Using Lego Mindstorms kits, students can make a variety of robots starting from the simplest one to the most complex one according to their choice and knowledge. Such hand-on-education can be immensely gratifying and can teach a lot of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related lessons to students.

Implementing technology in classes will bring about a sea-change in the attitude of students. You’ll see that you’ve ignited their passion in learning. Now that’s what we call magic; a miracle.

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