The Art of Writing an Essay

The Art of Writing an Essay

Writing an essay is an integral part of our education. It shows the understanding that we have for a particular subject. There are ways and means of writing an essay successfully with precision and make it comprehensive for people to relate and understand it easily.

First of all, if you have a task in hand, it is better not to leave it until the last moment. Taking sufficient time to think and ponder about the work before you start the actual writing part is very crucial. When you are given a topic, first and foremost you need to understand the objective of writing the essay. Question the purpose and the relevance.

Sourcing proper data is important. Research is an integral part of writing an essay. You need to validate your thoughts with facts and figures to make it more realistic. Jot down all the points that come to your mind over a period of time and nurture the thoughts. Writing anything abstract will not be authentic. To improvise seek examples and validate your notions with real actions.

Once you have jotted down the points to be covered, put it on a single sheet. Avoid repetition. The same thing narrated over and over again in a different language will not help your cause. Do not club unnecessary words. Make it to the point and try and connect the related parts.

Every essay should have a proper introduction, body and conclusion. The body should be composed of several paragraphs which cover the objective of the writing the essay. Each paragraph should describe one certain thing. Try and be as objective as possible. The narration should have a singular tonality either active or passive and you must retain it all through.

It is always recommended to use quotes to match what you say. It fosters an essence of ingenuity. It also shows impeccability and speaks of the writer’s skills. Plagiarism is always an issue. Every essay should be genuine and original. You must not copy words but it is important to read, understand and narrate in your own words.

After you are ready with your scratches and scribbles, re-organise the structure. Make sure the paragraphs aren’t too stretched. Writing should be crisp and brief, to retain the attention of the reader. The introduction is the make or break point as it decides on the interest a reader would take to read the rest of your essay. The introduction should be written in a certain way so that the reader is eager to find out more.

The tonality should be positive and keep the reader engrossed. Try to use wit, it can grasp reader’s mind easily. Brevity is the soul of wit. Examples and references should be easy and relatable. The conclusion should also be written with care. It should justify the essay and make the readers time worthwhile. In an essay, nothing should be left to the imagination. Since it reflects your thought, add your opinion to the end.

Proper care must be taken to make sure that the sentences are structured properly, with no grammatical errors. Do not complicate a sentence with too many difficult words. Every line should have a verb. Do not clutter one sentence with too many activities. Break up the bigger lines. Punctuations must be proper. If you are writing in a digital format you can run through online grammar correcting sites. Make sure you check all spellings before submission.

Try and finish the work in advance so that you may go through it several times before the final submission. Maybe a gap of few hours might refresh your mind and you may think of something extra that can be added to improvise the essay. Do not try to finish the essay overnight, it inevitably would lead to mistakes.


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