The Best Mobile Apps to Learn Maths

The Best Mobile Apps to Learn Maths

Mathematics was a troublesome tyrant long ago. But not now. The world of smart apps have redefined every possible subject. May be a bit beyond that. What did not seem possible yesterday, is being accomplished in the wee of today.

Why should maths be an exception then? With the onset of smart technology, students have become acquainted to phones enabled with an android, iOS, or windows operating system. The various app and play stores provide a variety of applications, and maths is one of the subjects.


This app has already hit the iPhone app store and the Windows phone store. However, the google play store will be inducting this app from early 2015. Wondering what it does? It resolves any problem. Challenge it with any equation or mathematical riddle, and you’re sure to get the correct answer. And the biggest bonus is, you do not need to write down the equation. Just grab your phone and click the snap of the equation. Be it on a book or a notebook, the app will solve it in its follow through. One of the most remarkable features of this app is that, it shows the step by step evaluation of the problem. For students who do not avail private tutors, this app is the one stop solution.


It is one of the best mobile apps to learn maths. This app provides you the platform, to challenge other students with mathematical problems. With a lot of challenging going on, it surely enhances the fighting spirit in students. You can post your problems as well. The topics cultured in this forum include Geometry, Calculus, Algebra, Physics, JEE, and Computer Science. The Brilliant applicationprovides free questions to allow you to practice, and develop your mathematical skills. The most amazing feature about this app is that students, teachers, educators, and scholars can show active participation together. It is available at the google play store and windows phone store.

Operation Math

Winner of the Parent’s Choice Award, Operation Math allows you to go forth in a mission to defeat Dr Odd. This mad doctor is on a mission to erase the even numbers. It is you who will have to stop him from doing so. Can you imagine a world without even numbers? O! It will be so, so odd. The app store and play store provides this app. You will feature as a secret agent and your correct answers will save the day. The app primarily focusses on brushing the basic skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It also challenges you with arithmetic problems and prepares you smoothly for exams.

Maths Formulas Free

To become successful in mathematics, you do need to know the formulas well. Not only that, you should also know the right place to implement them. This application comes in a variety of languages and provides formulas on a variety of topics. Some of them are:

  • Trigonometry
  • Analytical Geometry
  • Differentiation
  • Equations
  • Algebra

High school students will surely benefit from this app. It includes tools which calculate roots of equations as well as geometric shapes. You can share it with your friends through Facebook and email.

Tally Tots

Learning begins right from childhood. And the little ones will surely benefit from this app. Tally Tots is probably the best mobile app for toddlers. It is there at theapp store and the play store.

Winner of the Top Ten Classroom Math Apps, Tally Tots provides puzzles and mini games that teach the basic counting skills. This is mostly a pre-school app which keeps your child engaged in a galore of activities.


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