The Contemporary Situation of Education in Kuwait

The Contemporary Situation of Education in Kuwait

Kuwait is one of the wealthiest countries in the whole world with almost 10% of the crude oil reserve. Owing to the financial confidence, the country has led a tremendous light way towards the educational side.

The invasion of Iraq on Kuwait in the early 90s and the quick recovery of the country has proved that Kuwait is no less than the other first world countries and lay a considerable amount of importance on the academic side for the better future of the national and international students and revenue generation through the hands of educated lots.

  • The history of Kuwait education:

Owing to the abundance of oil-directed wealth, Kuwait has developed its educational system to a great extent. In the threshold of the 20th century, a scanty number of educational facilities were available in the country. There were only a few Quranic schools like Al-Katatib that were existing and teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic. No public education was present in the first half of the century. The affluent families of Kuwait used to provide the finance for the education.

The oil production soared high by the end of the World War II. The government focused on the education and other social services. Massive investments were made on them. Approximately 45,000 students took admission in the Kuwaiti institutions. 18,000 of them were girls. It happened by the 1960s.

Following it, the education has advanced thoroughly. As per the 1962’s constitution, State has secured and promoted the education which demonstrates that education is a fundamental right of the citizens. In 1965, schooling was made compulsory for all. Again, in 1967, the government has provided subsidies for materialization of a private school system.

The educational ladder constitutes:

  • Kindergarten

  • Primary

  • Intermediate

  • Secondary

  • Tertiary

Let’s start with the primary education:

Kuwait, as an Arab country located on the Persian Gulf, aims to provide free education to all the children irrespective of gender, special needs, and social class.

After the preschool program, gender-segregated primary schooling starts at the age of 5 and continues for next five years.

  • Intermediate section:

The middle schooling comprises of four years period. During this time, the students get accustomed to the co-educational framework. They carry on with a fixed academic course of study especially in the time of the final phase of the mandatory school educational system.

  • Secondary Schooling:

The voluntary, as well as free secondary schooling continues for at least 3 years in Kuwait. The pupils follow the specific curriculum as their technical and academic decision should stand by the tertiary level of education.

Specific fact about the vocational education:

The opportunities of the vocational training are accessible throughout the adult life of Kuwaitis. The state public authority for the applied education and training provides the offerings. As per the official policy, every citizen must take priority of these right set of opportunities for meeting the demands of the individual self-actualization and skilled workforce.


  • Providing you the information about Tertiary education:

In Kuwait, there are some higher educational institutions which are state-funded. They are Kuwait University, Higher Institutes for Theater and the Music Arts, College of Basic Education.

  • The knowledge about Higher Education:

A couple of State reinforced establishments are present, such as:

  • Kuwait University: It is a co-ed educational institution that covers five campuses in the central city of Kuwait. Established in the year 1966, it has taken a steep growth of nearly 18,000 people (both women and men). The present data show that it has expanded drastically from only 31 faculties to comprehend a great many departments and colleges.

  • Public Authority for Applied Education and Training: It’s a two-year program. It was established in the year 1982. Several educational provisions are there that target to cater the requirements for the vocational and technical training in Kuwait.

Now, get some knowledge of Foreign Scholarships:

The Kuwait government offers an aspired foreign scholarship program that assists excellent Kuwaiti scholars who are likely to be accepted to the reputed universities in the United Kingdom, United States, etc.

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Read all the information and the criteria before proceeding to Kuwait for further education. Don’t fall into a trap. Your future is in your hand. Take precautions and inform the embassy and police. Learn the laws and regulations of Kuwait and obey them.


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