The Growing Importance of IGCSE Exam

The Growing Importance of IGCSE Exam



In today’s competitive world, parents have a plethora of educational boards and are confused as which one to choose to enroll their children. You have the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) as well. IGCSE is a universally recognized qualification taken at the 10th standard. The IGCSE examination is conducted by two assessment bodies – Edexcel (London Examinations) and Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).IGCSE curriculum IGCSE curriculum offers several routes for the learners with a wide range of abilities. The curriculum is also meant for those whose first language is not English. Starting from core subjects, IGCSE also add breadth and cross-curricular perspectives and encourage learners with a variety of subjects. IGCSE offers flexible and stimulating curriculum supported with training and resources. There are over 70 subjects one can choose under IGCSE. It also includes 30 languages and schools can offer them in any combination. Most of the subjects offer a choice between core curriculum and the extended curriculum. This gives students the freedom to choose the subjects that are appropriate for them and, thereby, the opportunity to score good grades. IGCSE subjects There are five subjects group with options to choose from Group 1: Languages include First Language, Second Language and Foreign Language Group 2: Social science and humanities include History, Geography and English Literature Group 3: Sciences include Physics, Chemistry and Biology Group 4: Mathematics including additional Mathematics and Additional Mathematics Group 5: Technical, Vocational and Creative include Computer Studies, Accounting, Music, Business Studies and many more. For each subjects, there are grade scores and not pass and fail option. Five ‘C’ scores or higher indicates that a student is ready to pursue +2 level qualifications. The key difference between IGCSE and curriculum offered by ICSE and CBSE is that students are made to ponder more on the concepts rather than simply learning them without any understanding. IGCSE teaching method The IGCSE program involves a wide range of teaching methods and different International context that includes

  • Teaching lesson plans and schemes of work
  • Publisher resources and textbooks
  • Exam preparation materials including examiner reports, mark schemes, results statistics by subject and grades, previous examination paper, valuable feedback, identify learner strengths and weaknesses before final assessment
  • Mapping document to explain how resources support teaching.

IGCSE as compared to other boards The count of schools embracing IGCSE is ever increasing because it encourages high academic standards through practical approaching to teaching and learning. The test is not limited to the conventional style of written examination but consists of a variety of test such as listening tests or oral tests. This exam is known to develop vital educational knowledge, understanding, oral skills, and problem solving skills, investigation skills, team work, initiative and recall of knowledge. It keeps pace with the educational development and trends and, therefore, is perfect foundation for higher level courses 2013 report shows that the number of pupils taking IGCSEs in English has grown from 18,000 to 78,000. Teacher and academics claim that the move towards this International test is driven the view that it is easier for the students to pass. There is flexibility over which books pupils can read and learn. It has been favoured by many independent schools because of the fact that it featured less of coursework and focus more on exams sat at the end of the two years. From 2010, many schools have started using Government funds to enter students for IGCSEs. There were nearly 856 independent schools which provided IGCSE exams in 2010. However, the number increased to 1,402 in 2011 and 1,842 in 2012. As you can understand, IGCSE is an International passport to progression and success in life. Image Source:


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