The Growing Importance of Online Education

The Growing Importance of Online Education

The internet has undoubtedly changed the way we communicate with one another, especially the way we access, share and facilitate information. And education sector is no exception. The internet-based communication technologies have significantly established an important place for online education to digitally facilitate professional practice and social interaction. No longer we find issue concerning with how to use technology to teach, rather the teachers are acknowledging the way the world is gradually developing. They understand the importance of online literacy and the role online engagement plays in student learning and their future workplace environment.

Increasingly, the option of taking online classes and studying on their own is critically becoming important especially with the college and university students. As some of them have other obligations beyond that of getting a degree. Family and job commitments make equal demands on their time. Lifelong learning has become an essential part of everyone’s career plan. Therefore, in today’s competitive job market, opting for online education help students remain competitive. However, students need to find out whether or not they can learn independently, whether they are computer savvy, how well they are organized with their time and how good their level of reading comprehension is. If they have answers ready for these questions, they can very well deal with their online learning.

The concept of ‘classroom without walls’ is providing more opportunities for learning and flexibility. Time and again, it has proved that any specific subject is not confined to be studied only in classrooms. Taking online courses over conventional educational facilities therefore offers several benefits to a student.

It is flexible and simple

Time is the greatest limitation on learning immediately after location. This is applicable both for the students and the instructors, each of whom has to be both in alignment and available for face-to-face instruction. Online education provides that flexibility to attend courses whenever and wherever the students and the teachers find it suitable. All you need is a computer and internet access.

It helps to choose courses not readily available in rural areas

Online learning is highly beneficial for those who live in rural areas that only have limited educational facilities. Students in such areas can get the opportunity to choose from various schools, courses and programs which are not available in the areas where they live in.

Easy accessibility

Study materials can be accessed 24*7 in case of online education. Students can easily study and review lessons and most importantly, discuss a specific course with their online tutor as many times as required. This is valuable for students who find it difficult to understand spoken classroom sessions or taking down notes in a classroom.

Provides immediate results and feedback

The majority of the online courses integrate online quizzes and other tools to evaluate the pace of learning. This is unlike the graded papers that demands lot of time and can get tedious. These standardized tests, in fact, rely on evaluation techniques that yield slow results.

Learning through different social media platforms

Online learning programs seamlessly integrate social media, thereby, making it possible to create online communities which are course specific. Students can learn and discuss their problems through blogs, tweets, online chats, podcasts, webcasts, discussion boards which are all an important part of the online mix.

Freedom of expression

Online study encourages students to freely interact and increase the diversity of opinion as every other student and not just one or two students. Every individual student is given the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinion about any particular subject.

Enriching and diverse experience

Online learning can enhance the student learning experience by providing opportunities for cross – culture or cross – disciplinary. This learning experienced can be enriched by increased interaction and engagement, group work skills and peer feedback.

Within the budget

Online learning programs costs a lot lesser than the courses offered in institutional classroom. Moreover, there is no additional cost for accommodation and transportation involved in online education.

Increase employability

Online education creates more job opportunities for teachers and also gives them the flexibility to teach students more productively. It enhances the overall teaching experience and increases employment.

A better fit for 21st century

Online teachers come from different locations across the globe. Students are exposed to knowledge shared by their teachers which cannot be learned in books. In fact, online education prepares an individual student to excel in today’s scattered and virtual workplace. It helps students make use of resources and latest technologies that most of the companies are more globally focused on. Online learning can prepare professionals to easily compete in the advancing world. Success in an online education depends on how connected a student feels to his teacher and other fellow students.


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