The Importance of Suitable Environment in Education

The Importance of Suitable Environment in Education

Educational institutions and schools are the hub of learning. The environment in classrooms should inspire students to learn and charge their intellects by which they can excel academically.

Numerous studies have proved that the school environment can affect the academic achievements of students. Hence, it is important for schools to create and sustain a positive environment that can spur the mental development and learning abilities of students.

Besides, school environment also determine the complete safety and security of students, teachers, staff, administrators, and parents.

Thus, protocols and plans must be implemented to make sure that the students get the best quality of food, water, quality of air, sanitation, lighting, and amenities to study comfortably.

The buildings and playgrounds of the educational institutions is required to be safe and without any safety and health hazards.

Some importance of suitable environment in education:

1. It makes students comfortable

A suitable environment in class helps students to be comfortable and focus all their attention and energies on their lessons. When students are comfortable, they tend to learn faster and in a more effective manner. A suitable environment helps students to feel at home and lay more emphasis on their academic pursuits. The environment of a school is a hygiene factor and not a motivating factor. The absence of a suitable learning environment acts as an uninspiring factor and inhibits the students from performing at their level best. The presence of a suitable environment provides the students with the prospects to learn in a better manner and perform well academically.

2. It helps in seamless flows of ideas

A suitable environment in education helps in seamless flows of ideas. When the environment is positive and suitable in an educational institution, the exchange of ideas and opinions between teacher and students is seamless. The students are also motivated to exchange ideas among themselves and can learn to work as a team cooperatively and together. A suitable environment incentivizes students to perform at their level best and learn from each other. When everyone performs at their level best, students see the best versions of their peers and are inspired to perform better.

3. It enhances the curiosity of students

A suitable environment enhances the curiosity of students and encourages them to ask as many questions they have in their mind. The students are charged with curiosity in suitable educational environment and have many questions in their minds.

4. It helps the students to hone their critical thinking skills

A suitable environment helps the students to hone their critical thinking skills. When the environment is suitable in an educational institution, the students benefit by critical thinking and not by rote learning. They are encouraged to think rationally and not just take everything at their face value. This will help the students in their higher studies and will enable them to think rationally in all situations.

5. It encourages a healthy competition among students

A suitable environment in education encourages healthy completion among the students. When all students perform at their level best, they see the best versions of their peers and are inspired to perform better. This lead to a healthy competition among the students and it helps them to raise the bar both academically as well as in extracurricular activities.

6. It brings students together irrespective of their backgrounds

A positive and suitable environment brings students from different backgrounds together and it fosters a spirit of unity and fraternity among the students. Students overlook the differences in their peer’s backgrounds and any other differentiating factors and celebrate their similarities and unity.


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