The IT Revolution and Need For Telecommunication Professionals

The IT Revolution and Need For Telecommunication Professionals

IT Revolution defines the present social, economical and the technological trends. This revolution has given the chance to many people to be able to appease their curiosity and turn their dreams into reality. It made the way of obtaining the information easier. It gained much popularity because of the vast scope of knowledge. The pull factor in this sector is its fast growth and the big salary.

Mankind has advanced from the agricultural revolution, moved to the industrial revolution and is now heading towards information revolution. Information Technology today, is used in all the sectors be it trading, communication, banking, teaching, entertainment, management, government as well as to solve all the learning requirements. Information technology is leading to the growth of the intellectual power of mankind.

Objectives of the revolution

The dominance of Information Technology in our lives can be easily anticipated. In today’s world, Information Technology is capable of managing everything single-handedly right from brilliant infrastructures to transmitters that can be worn. Liberalization and Globalization have successfully brought the global space to a platform that is accepted by all.

Importance of the Information Technology Revolution

The importance of Information Technology cannot be neglected. It takes place everywhere and with the help of it, organizations are able to provide excellent services and improve the chances of their business being a success.

  • Information technology in educational places

Teachers have been using IT to teach the children as it helps in making the studies interesting. By enabling the students to use technology on a daily basis, it gives them the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the content.

  • Information Technology in Banking

With the help of IT Revolution, all banks have gone completely digital making the whole process of banking faster. Internet banking and phone banking are made possible with the help of information Technology.

  • Information Technology in Telecommunication

The highest impact of IT is on telecommunication. Information technology has made the exchange of information with the help of electronic means a lot easier and quicker.

  • Information Technology in Hospitals

Information technology has enabled the hospital management to maintain databases of the patients’ in a computerized way. This allows information to be accessed easily and in a quick way.

Impact of the information technology revolution

Technology has given people the chance to be able to complete more tasks in limited time. This has obviously made our life easier. Technology obviously has an extensive effect on human life and as it progresses, humans must have the capability to deal with the good as well as the bad implications.

Technology has made our life easier in the following ways:

  • It has given rise to global networking

  • Has made telecommunication easier

  • Increases the ability to multitask

  • Encourages comparatively more complicated learning tasks

  • Makes the process of education interesting

  • Creates compressed social circles

  • Helps in creating a more informed society that is able to able respond quickly to trends and events

The largest impact of information technology has been on telecommunication thereby increasing the need for telecommunication professionals. The telecommunication professionals are the ones who are responsible for the upkeep of the telecommunication systems in an organization. The professionals are also meant to provide the analysis for certain decisions like the video and voice equipment or the suitable technologies and the appropriate standards of data. It is upon them to ensure that the communication is faster and efficient. The professionals are required to fix any issue temporarily until further repairs can be done. These professionals also give several guidelines to people to follow so as to ensure that the communication is efficient.


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