The meaning of Autistic Children

The meaning of Autistic Children

Autism is a neurological disorder which occurs in a child’s brain. In simple words when someone’s brain has trouble interpreting the things we see, hear, taste, touch and experience the person is said to be suffering from autism. It mainly occurs in children and it makes difficult for them to perform basic functions. It is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Autism affects information processing in the brain by altering nerve cells and their synapses. The actual cause of autism is still not clear as more and more scientists are trying to find the root cause. The symptoms of autism can be seen quite clearly in a child. Sleep disorders, Social deficits where children do not behave in a normal manner with other people, repetitive behavior, language impairment where children have a lot of difficulty in speaking, Anxiety, Mood disorders and attention problems are some of the symptoms of autism in a child.

Ways to Help Autistic Kids to Study Better

Most of the people think that children having the disease of autism are not able to study and learn. But this type of thinking is extremely wrong as there are many modern ways by which children can learn and study easily. In order to help a child with autism learn effectively, you need know how they learn best. Following are the few ways of learning for children:

  • Children with autism need structure. Structure makes events predictable, decreases behavior problems, reduces stress and anxiety and also builds a child’s strengths.

  • Establish a daily routine or schedule at school and at home. Make a schedule that is specific to the child’s developmental and skill levels. Make sure that activities can be completed in their attention span. Establish clear visual cues so that they can understand what and how much work is expected from them.

  • Children with Autism require minimal distractions as they are more sensitive to distractions than others, they get distracted with even smallest of things.

  • Make sure that all the activities happen in clear vision, have the child sit near or facing teacher and make them sit at the end of the row, for academic work, use visual barriers like study carrels.

  • Children with autism communicate with behavior as these children often have difficulties communicating so paying attention to their behavior may give you clues about how they are feeling or what they are trying to say.

  • Use stories and role-plays to teach appropriate behavior in social situations, pay attention to their likes and dislikes, let the child know ahead of time when an activity is about to begin or end or if you are going to change their schedule.

  • Children with autism are better taught visually as they understand better through pictures, videos rather than words. Pictures are their first language as they learn better through this method.

  • Writing is a challenge for most of the autistic students. Help them to write by making them draw shapes, ask them to copy what you have written, place your hand over theirs to teach them.

  • Be creative with your child and make them draw creative things. Use papers with long lines, do not limit them to worksheets and pencils instead encourage them to use tools like crayons and markers.

Teachers play an important role in an autistic child’s life as it depends on the teacher how the child will learn. The teacher should know how to conduct these special kids and how to make them learn. While autism is a life long disease, all children can benefit from therapies that can reduce symptoms and increase skills and abilities.


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