The need of children to express themselves

The need of children to express themselves

In today's world it is very hard for children to express themselves. They are suffocated by peer pressure and media that tell them how to behave with everyone. In order to fit in children sacrifice their own personal taste in most of the matters. Media plays an important role in this matter. Children are often attracted by what they see and try to become a person as shown in media and there by end up sacrificing many things. Also the so called friends circle plays an important role. A child tries to do various different type of things it is not familiar with just to fit in or get along with a particular group of them. This sometimes makes them feel depressed, loss of self-belief, guilty and unhappy. It is commonplace for such feelings to arise in kids.

Kids which does not express themselves grow up into adults that have not reached their true potential. It is important to explain to kids that being yourself is what life is all about. Trust yourself and don't doubt your abilities. Expressing themselves, about who they are is extremely important for mental, social and emotional growth of children.

Role of Parents

As a parent you can be instrumental in setting up kids for success by encouraging them to express. As the parents are the closest people around a child, parents can understand their feelings and therefore try to understand their problems and solve it. Parents should encourage and motivate their child to live in their own way. Children should know that each and every person in the world is unique and has different type of skills and abilities. All of us have some or the other disability and thus there is no need to copy anyone and change yourself.

Parents should also listen to their child’s feeling and always try to encourage them. Try to tell them that one bad friendship or a girl is not the end of the world and there is no need to try and got in with those people. Let the kids explore their interests and hobbies. It will then and will make them realize that they are special in many skills. Allow them to go to camps, play sporrsand indulge themselves in artistic activities. Teach them about different type of emotions like sadness, anger, aggression, happiness band and excitement. Teach them when and where to use these emotions as every kid is unique and behaves differently. Creativity is an important part of life for children to learn and it will help them in the real life situation in their adulthood.

Consequences of lack of expression from children

Children may lose their self-esteem resulting in problems like depression. They are unable to get satisfaction from tasks they perform and see themselves as undeserving in future they may fail in understanding the feeling and emotions of their loved ones. It may interfere with kid’s ability to regulate emotions and communication skills. It creates a huge amount of doubt in the child’s mind whether it is capable of performing any tasks. A lot of negative effect is created and provides difficulties when the child grows up. The child may not respect or trust people as it has suffered so much in his childhood.


As it is wisely said “Be yourself and you can achieve anything”. When kids feel comfortable expressing who they are, they can make their dreams come true. Parents and teachers have a very significant role to play. They should always encourage and motivate children. Understand their feelings and try to bring a solution to their problems.


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