The Significance of English Language in Competitive Exams

The Significance of English Language in Competitive Exams

English, the self-perpetuating language accomplishes multiple utilitarian purposes including its array of knowledge that finds it presence in every spectrum of life. It is referred to as the global language and has made its position secured in medicines, science, arts, commerce, trade, international negotiation, technological studies and much more to add. Competitive exams are no exception. English is recognized as a major aspect in almost all the competitive exams of today’s world. English is considered an important language in major exams for higher studies like CAT and MAT. Let us find out the reason behind it.

Why English is preferred in competitive exams?

Competitive exams judge your vocabulary knowledge. This is an important factor where the examiners judge your possible ways to stand out from the crowd. If you are genius in mathematics but have little knowledge in English, you will not be considered as an excellent teacher. The reason is; English is accepted as an International language. Lack of English knowledge will not help in communicating your ideas clearly to the students

English language in competitive exams incorporates three important sections: vocabulary, grammar and comprehension. However, there may be some more sections based on the examinations. These sections enable the examiners to understand what amount of your English understanding, speaking, writing and listening power is.

Every competitive examis conducted in English language. So it is important that you understand English to finish your exam successfully. English is the accepted medium to take any competitive exams. The connection between English language and competitive exams are deemed as directly proportional

A large vocabulary correlates well with the ability to handle complex ideas. The ability to deconstruct unknown words from both the structure and context shows the ability to make your ways through some of the advanced writing on different topics.

How to prepare English for your competitive exam?

Vocabulary preparation

Building a good knowledge in vocabulary is in one’s hands. You need to implement the new words learnt to increase your vocabulary, otherwise just learning words and not using them will suffice to broaden your vocabulary. To effectively increase your vocabulary, you should follow English newspaper regularly, read book, watch English news channels and movies and try to use new words from there.Newspapers empower you with precious knowledge which will be beneficial for you in descriptive papers. Prepare sections like current affairs and general affairs. This is done as not to restrict yourself from studying standard study materials.

Grammar preparation

Grammar can be improved only through practice. Learn the basic rules from grammar books or from English tutors and make sure to check them through any means. Try to maintain notes consisting of grammatical rules, synonyms-antonyms, sentence construction and practice them before the exam. Although it is difficult to remember all the grammatical rules, when you are into serious reading habits, you can easily pick up the erred sentences and correct them instinctively.

Practicing grammar is the best way to improve it. Maintain a diary of words- write down words, phrases which are used in particular context and speeches. English 728x90

Comprehension skills preparation

Your vocabulary should be good in order to score better in comprehension. Comprehension is one section where you can score full marks if you can understand the passage given. Here lies the importance of vocabulary. If you have a strong base in vocabulary, it becomes easier for you to understand the difficult words, sentences and paragraphs and complete you task quickly. How well you comprehend depends on your reading habits. The more you read, the lesser time you take to comprehend things.

The test of English language is designed not to evaluate your knowledge of English literature. It covers English of 10+2 standard. The questions are mostly multiple choice objective types except for the comprehension section. Your understanding of English language is tested through objective-type questions on grammar, vocabulary, sentence construction, idioms, phrases, synonyms, antonyms and comprehension passage. However, there are certain examinations, especially MBA entrance test which have separate sections on English including English language, verbal ability, reading comprehension and comprehension ability.


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