The Six Secrets behind Encouraging your Child to Learn better

The Six Secrets behind Encouraging your Child to Learn better

While writing this blog post, I remember a quote of Albert Einstein – ‘It’s not that I’m so smart. It’s just that I stay with my problems longer’. The greatest geniuses of all time explained his success in this way. Of course, not everyone can come up with a theory that will forever change science, but they can definitely use motivation and other relevant techniques to achieve success. Research says that students if guided and motivated in the right way can learn better. Children often do not understand the significance of good grades and how education can improve their overall lives for better.

Parents play a major role to ensure that their children enjoy school and get the best grades possible. Usually, students who do well from the early years of their academic life continue to do well in their studies as they get older. On the contrary, children who perform poorly in school usually develop this practice in the earliest years of their schools. Parents who help to enhance the academic performance of their children usually have some common range of learning techniques. Let us see how effective these techniques are to help your kids learn better.

Promote active learning

Children need active learning that involves enquiring and answering questions, resolving problems and exploring interests. Active learning can also take place when your child participate in sports or spend time with friends. To promote active learning, listen to your child’s idea and respond to them correctly. Allow them to ask questions and express their opinions when read book together. Such encouragement at home is likely to increase their interests in school and participate in different activities.

Attend the parent-teacher conference and communicate with the teachers

Schools conduct parent-teacher conference every month. Do not miss those conferences. This is the best opportunity to build a good relationship with the teacher and find out whether their kids are facing any sorts of challenges. Teacher can point out the specific weak areas and a game plan for strengthening them. Ideally, knowing that the parents are concerned and helping their children at home often motivates the teacher to pay more attention to the students and accordingly implement plans to get their grades up. Also, make it clear that you want the teacher to contact you if any problems develop with your child.

Make homework easier and enjoyable for your child to complete

Give your child the option as when, where and how they complete their assignments. Encourage them to ask questions immediately when they don’t understand something. Help them with tutors in specific subject areas. Always be there to provide assistance when you’re needed. Support and appreciate your child when they successfully complete their homework on their own. Never use homework as a form of punishment.

Create a quiet place to study

The physical environment to study without any distraction is crucial. However, make sure that the environment comprised of all the necessary tools and resources required by your child. A quiet study place help a child concentrate as it sends a strong message that study is important. The rule of thumb in deciding the ideal place to study is to find a place in the home that your child does not use for anything else.

Establish study routine and instil organizational skills

Work together and come up with a daily schedule to study. Studying should be a part of everyday routine. A productive study area helps in improving the study habits and work more effectively. Parents who can help their child understand the importance of a well thought out and consistent routine can greatly help them to improve grades. For instance, having a predetermined time for doing homework is important. Experts have shown five benefits to develop and maintain routine

  • Routines help with sleep routine and improve health
  • Routines help to relieve stress
  • Routines help to chase away power struggle
  • Routines help children become more independent and more responsible for their own tasks
  • Routines help maintain consistency and create smooth system of operation at home.

Invest in an alarm clock to help them wake up on time in the morning. Let them practice the habit of keeping all assignments in folder and divide their time accordingly. In addition, keep a wall or desk calendar to stay updated with study routines.

Set study goals and make them see connection with their studies

Before pressuring your child to study or do their homework, help them to decide on how to approach the task and how much effort is needed to accomplish the task. Set goals for your child. Help them relate new information to things that they already are aware of or to their own life experience. Tie the new science chapter with what was learned from previous lessons. As we live in a tech-centric world, most of the kids use computer and other technology when they grow up and get employed. And the early adopters seem to be the best prepared for using technology especially when the school integrate it into the curriculum.


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