These 3 E-learning Trends can Change the way your Child Studies

These 3 E-learning Trends can Change the way your Child Studies

E-learning is a form of education through electronic media like the Internet. In the last few years, there has been a massive shift in the educational sector. EdTech companies have changed the face of learning with their new and innovative ideas and creations. Kids today want byte sized content which needs to be visually engaging.

What are the pedagogical benefits of E-learning?

E-learning's has a vast number of advantages in the educational world. But two points stand out among all of other benefits – Personalization and Interactivity.

Interactivity - Effective learning can never be attained if content is force fed. Even frontal instructions and video materials are less than likely to remain in the memory of a student due to its lack of engagement. Online learning provides several methods to hook students into their content material actively. Interactivity ensures knowledge is not only just consumed but also experienced. As opposed to the passive consumption of content, e-learning makes acquiring information easier.

Personalization - Traditional classroom teachings, makes it hard for individual students to adapt to the pace of a teacher and their fellow classmates. Some may understand a math problem within a few minutes, but others need repetition to understand the problem completely. Tutors do not have the adequate resources or tools in classrooms to tailor their teaching according to individual capabilities. E-learning plays a vital role in this sense as it caters to every student's needs and style of studying. An efficient learning system should analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a student; depending upon which personalized materials should be provided. E-learning ensures such a system of education.

The latest trends in the electronic learning sphere may very well change the way your kid studies in the future. Read on to know about these recent trends.

  • Gamification of content

Don't be surprised if you see your kid playing games before their exam day. Traditional teaching methods can no longer hold the attention of a child. This prompted EdTech companies to mix both games and education together. This method of gamification of learning content into engaging and fun applications has been widely successful. Kids are being educated something without them even realizing it.

Duolingo, this app teaches a variety of languages through quizzes. Kids love when they are challenged into something, this is what attracts them to such games. Another game which grows a child's brainpower through each mission is Elevate. More and more apps are being created which are story and character driven but have an educational backdrop to it.

  • Learning via videos

Earlier times, kids had to wait an entire day to watch their favorite cartoons on TV, but technology has come a long way since. YouTube, the biggest library of videos, can be accessed anytime anywhere. Parents use videos as a method to distract their child from doing something else. It is of no secret that kids are more into visual content then textual materials like books. Gadgets like Smartphone’s, tablets, and laptops are used by kids more often these days. This has started the trend of educational videos which offers something valuable and knowledgeable to the child.

Social media giants like Facebook are focusing more on video related contents. Kids are more willing to watch a video in their newsfeed or timeline which educates them on different subjects. This stimulates their brain functioning and helps remember things better than textual content.

  • Automated Teaching

Usages of technology in schools have come a long way. Teachers are more than willing to provide education through modern methods. But the biggest problems schools face nowadays are the lack of qualified teachers. Fortunately, the latest e-learning trend will curb down such issues. Schools are outsourcing the difficult contents to online teaching. The rest of the necessary information can then be taught by school teachers.


With the exponential increase in the number of digital users, the rise in demand for new and improved content is inevitable. The rapidly growing e-learning industry is moving ahead at the speed of light. This has made schools and institutions embrace the above mentioned trends with open arms.


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