Things That Teachers Should Adopt To Improve Digital Literacy of Students

Things That Teachers Should Adopt To Improve Digital Literacy of Students

Widely known to be essential to succeed in workplace as well as modern life, digital literacy is slowly emerging as necessary element of curricula throughout the world. Currently the graduates of high school students are familiar with the computer or internet technology, it is quite natural that the educational institutes encourage use of digital technology. Teaching with help of this technology is just incorporating the technology into lesson plans. It is all about making use of technology and improve your teaching skills.Here are the dos and don’ts you should adopt to make the students digitally literates.

Don’ts:Criticize digital talk

Earlier people criticized online chat technology for making the students ignorant about proper English. However recent students have revealed a different scenario. Instead of destroying grammar as well as spelling knowledge of the students, recent research proves that digital talk actually enhances the linguistic competence of the students. You must not treat digital chat as wrong but use it to inculcate digital literacy skills amongst the students.

Rely only on slideshows

Manytutors feel that by asking students to develop PPT (PowerPoint) presentations fulfills requirements of teaching digital literacy to the students. Besides reductive writing strategies such a four to five paragraphs or sentences restrict creativity, slideshows, images, transition as well as link requirement do not just offer active learning.

Do’s:Focus on quality

Ask your students to develop an eye for quality. Ideally people with requisite digital literacy should rate relevance as well as quality of source instantaneously. The obvious markers include publication date, web design standard, title phrasing and so on.

Inculcate perfect reading habit

Help your students to read in a skeptical way while they come across different phrases such as ‘Research says…” or “A study revealed…”. Students give much importance on data and also believe the dramatic figures whenever they watch them. Be sure that the students make use of information about any subject from credible source only.

Use social media for information or news on different subjects

Make use of tools such as Twitter to filter huge amount of information. Handling huge volume of information on internet is a massive task. Motivate the students to use Twitter for all kinds of news update as well as customize their content to cater to subjects of their interest.

Teach the pupils to write down HTML

Make sure the students of higher classes have basic knowledge about computer language. Teach them HTML. Once they understand the basics of this language, they can also aspire to learn advanced programming languages and become more knowledgeable.

Develop collaborative note page

Ask the students to modify collaborative notes page. Every week you assign a group of students to document important concepts or resources inside the class. It is quite natural that other candidates may also wish to change, edit as well as enhance collaborative notes for benefit of the classroom. In this way you can help build a community of students and also allows the students to assess as well as analyze information meaningfully. When learning becomes more communal, the pupils will feel more encouraged.

Develop classroom Pinterest page

Create class account on Pinterest and request your students to take advantage of this popular social networking website. Take out few minutes and share what was being added and discuss the importance of using this type of site and so on. Do not forget to mention the significance of using social media time and again.

Build customized Google search engine

Do you know that the popular search engine such as Google allows you to develop a tailored search engine? As a tutor, you can update the search engine and include only websites that you as well as your students would like to use. In this way you can have a control over the learning process, by determining the websites that are best for certain class assignment and also assess contributions of other people. It is the best way to develop a perfect community feeling inside the classroom.

Teach the nitty-gritties of digital writing

Digital technology has widely changed how writing is delivered as well as received. One of the biggest objectives of digital writing is that the candidates can easily increase their capability to generate an appropriate, high quality element and do not just restrict to standard conventional writing scenario.Technology has fundamentally changed how writing is produced, delivered, and received. One of the goals of teaching digital writing is that students will increase their ability to produce a relevant, high-quality write up, instead of just a standard writing scenario.Go through the do's and don’ts carefully and help your students to become digital literates.Image Courtesy:


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