Tips for Students to Overcome Reading Difficulty in Digital Format

Tips for Students to Overcome Reading Difficulty in Digital Format

Are you not comfortable reading e-books or pdfs on your desktop? In this age of computer technology, internet is the main source of information and you can get everything at your fingertips just with few clicks of your mouse. There is no need to mess up with loads of papers and documents. However there are children who find it hard to read documents in digital format. Here are a few tips that your child should follow to become a better digital reader.

Reading in browser with help of web clipping tool

Many students often complain that they find informative content on the web but they find it hard to read it directly on their computer screen. According to the experts, the real problem that these people face is not due to reading disability. The real problem lies in the annotation process. Just like a printed copy, the readers can easily add comments, notes, highlight important portions and save it as a file for future reference. But few students are not aware of this facility and thus are unable to make most use of this reading facility. For better browser readability, all you have to do is to know the use of web clippers. From your personal interests to research materials, you can save all the things you see, including your links, images as well as text, in your account with click of mouse. There is an added advantage of reading with the help of clipper tool. When you are reading a digital document you can not only save it but also share it with your friends or your teachers. You are unable to get this option of virtual sharing in case of printed media.

Easy reading of PDF files with a smart PDF annotation application

Many readers love to have the tactile experience to highlight, circle and write comments to understand the content and also to use it for future reference. They can do it on written documents. And the best part is that you can enjoy this option in case of reading a pdf document as well. By downloading a smart PDF application for annotation on computer OS or smartphones, the students now can easily type their own thoughts, handwrite their own notes and so on. Even these annotated PFD files can also be saved or even shared over social profiles, thereby extending their experience of studying books beyond what becomes possible with a written document.

Inculcate the habit of reading e-books with help of special e-book reading apps

Nowadays a huge number of school students search for eBooks on the net. From science, engineering to language studies, there are different types of eBooks available in the web world. The way they can read these reads also become crucial for them. For example, many students just love the idea that they can get new books on demand, increase the font size of certain portions of the electronic books for better readability. Unlike conventional book reading, you can even access these eBook on your smartphones. What you have to do is to download the eBook reading applications and get everything, right from old references to latest text editions at your fingertips. You can highlight portions, make annotations and save it for future reference without any hassle. You can therefore access it from anywhere at any point of time and even share it with your friends or acquaintances via internet. Many online tutors are making use of these eBooks to teach students across the country. Be informational text, handouts or model test papers these teachers can make use these eBooks for study purposes.


Learn the tips to over your difficulty of reading online text, eBooks or pdf documents and take your reading experience to a new high. The extent to which you can take advantage of digital reading depends on the extent these digitally formatted documents are presented. Alsothe use of special reading applications make your reading task simpler ad trouble-free. A good digital document should always be presented in an intuitive manner so that the students can follow the text easily and also these documents should mesh well with the preference and style of the readers. Gone are the days when students should always restrict their reading to printed books and articles. Due to advancement of technology, reading is possible even on the computer or even on mobile devices. To reap the benefits of this technology you also have to flexible enough to adopt the new age techniques to make digital reading easy and simple.


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