Tips for Choosing a Good Home Tutor for your Child

Tips for Choosing a Good Home Tutor for your Child


Home tuition in Thailand has gained huge popularity with the gradual increasing need for personalized academic guidance. The growing pressure from the schools for outstanding performance, assignment of projects and homework has led to mushrooming of numerous agencies offering quality tutorial classes extending a helping hand to the students.Parents too desire to support and boost their children’s academic development and hence search for the perfect teacher who will be able to guide their kids in the accurate direction, realizing their skills and potential and nurturing them accordingly. However, there are several factors parents and students must keep in mind while selecting the best private tutor like age, experience, qualification, reputation, budget etc. The tutor must be able to alleviate the challenges and help them develop a better understanding of the subject for perform effectively with confidence. Below is mentioned some common standards and methods to evaluate and hire an appropriate tutor for your child. Areas to Evaluate at the Onset Before selecting a home tutor for children parents must at first evaluate certain details and discuss with the child about his/her requirements as factors like learning approaches, specific requirements and other conveniences are likely to affect the performance of the child. Consider the following points prior to selecting a tutor:

  • First determine the need and requirement of the teacher
  • Search for several tutors to interview and choose from them.
  • Check the subjects your child needs tutoring. Your child might not require help in all subjects, but for specific areas. Find tutors for these subjects.
  • Note for how many days in a week the child requires tutoring and also decide about the duration of tutoring
  • The ways to locate a tutor-either through word of mouth, agencies, and tutors' own advertisements
  • Check for credentials asking about relevant experience in teaching in any school of Thailand. Moreover, information about significant training sessions and references is also vital.
  • The reputation of the tutor or the agency is also important. Before selecting the tutor a positive referral is required. For this parents can enquire from other parents, children or some sources for feedback.
  • The tuition fee is another significant factor to be determined at the beginning. Parents can compare and evaluate the payment scale of the teacher on the basis of teaching methods, skills, years of experience etc.

Steps for Selecting a Home Tutor Are you located at Thailand and looking for a good home tutor for your child? Just following certain important steps systematically and noting how the potential tutor addresses your questions will enable you to decide for the best tutor.

  • Experience and qualification:

Parents must enquire about the relevant experience and qualification of the tutor. There are different schools in Thailand offering primary education, secondary education and later lower and upper secondary levels. Search for the right teacher as per your child’s level and expertise.  

  • Practical knowledge and tutoring skills:

Every child has some inherent qualities that need to be nurtured in an accurate way. Moreover, each child requires some special or different skills and techniques of teaching that motivates and aids him to mater subjects. Parents must enquire about these details.

  • Complementing the school system:

There are international/private schools and government/higher education institutes in Thailand and its essential that the education pattern of the tutor must match the requirements of the concerned schools in Thailand. Moreover, the experience of the tutor also counts. For example you need to check whether the tutor has proficiency in teaching in a primary school or in an academic background. Considering these would help in the steady progress of the child.

  • Communication skills:

Effective verbal or communication skills aids in developing a cordial relationship between teacher and student. The tutor must have fluency in communication, fostering engrossing tutoring session.

  • Building teacher-student relationship:

For accomplishing tutoring goals it’s essential to maintain a cordial teacher-student relationship. Parents must analyze whether the classes are interactive and interesting for the child.

  • Exam oriented preparation:

Students belong to diverse cultural backgrounds and require various strategies for learning. Moreover, teachers need to offer course materials, practical examples, and educational tools to enhance the interest of the students and build the confidence level.

  • Assessment tools:

As parents you must be updated about the academic progress of your child. Hence, you must request for periodic reports and feedbacks from the tutor stating the development and progress of the child from the regular exams conducted. Seeking for tutorial support for your child in Thailand is essential to but the parents must keep in mind the mentioned vital details that enhance your selection process of the best tutor.


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