Tips for Hiring Tutors in UK

Tips for Hiring Tutors in UK

Are you suffering from guilty conscience for not being able to contribute enough time to your child’s education? Dear parent, you are not alone in your suffering. For, a majority of modern parents are full-time professionals who hardly find adequate time to interact with their kids. And consequently, are incapable of helping them in their homework, school projects and exam preparations!

So, what is the solution? Who can extend a friendly hand of assistance to school children? Well, the answer is ‘private tutors’. Indeed, private tutors are extremely crucial for your child’s development, particularly in the field of academics and knowledge. For instance, some kids struggle with Math sums in schools, while others might be miserable in grammar. When I was a kid myself, I noticed how some of my class-mates were terrorized by school exams. Had they been trained by good private tutors, they would start loving studies instead of trying to escape it.

Home tutors can explain various academic concepts to children, build their self-confidence and prepare them for important examinations. Besides, there are several other benefits of hiring tutors for your kids. No wonder, UK has been witnessing a rise in the demand for home tutors since quite some time now.

However, hiring a great tutor is not as easy as it seems. I have a few excellent tips for hiring tutors in UK:

How to find Private Tutors in UK?

Now, finding a good home tutor in UK is a bit tricky. Because, everybody looks forward to highly qualified and experienced tutors. Some parents in UK rely on search engines like Google to seek tutors, while some others decide on tutors through word-of-mouth recommendations from their friends. You can also choose the best tutors for your kid through the website, which offers a listing of tutors who can help kids in various subjects.  Another way of hiring tutors is through advertisements in newspapers, television, magazines, hoarding or brochures. If, you are still unable to find a tutor, I suggest you choose from the numerous tuition agencies in UK including First Tutor, Select Tutor, Tutor House and others.

Questions to ask Tutors before Hiring them

After you have selected a tutor, you must screen them appropriately to learn how they can guide your kids in the best possible way. Let us know some of the basic questions you should never forget to ask tutors before you appoint them!

Track Record of Tutors: First and foremost, begin by asking your tutor about his pass percentages in his board exams, graduation, post-graduation or diplomas. Also, ask for suitable references from the parents of kids they have taught in the past. If the references provided are local to you, remember it’s the best you could get. And, if the tutor has tutored kids belonging to the same school as your kid, it is even better. Such references will keep you satisfied about the expertise of the tutor you are about to hire.

Qualification: This is one of the most significant questions to ask tutors while interviewing them. You must ask them about each of their academic qualifications. Start from their performance in school finals, college and progressing on to their higher education levels in universities. You have to know if they are equipped with appropriate skills and knowledge of the subjects they are going to teach your kids. A sound academic background is a must for tutors. In addition, they should possess at least one year of tutoring experience.

CRB checked: Remember parents, it is mandatory for tutors to possess a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check So, when the tutor tells you that he has cleared the CRB check, immediately ask them to produce their clearance document. Check if the CRB is recent or not, especially if you seek one-on-one tutoring sessions for your child, in the tutor’s own residence. You can never compromise on this one, friends. If by any chance, the tutor fails to show you the CRB clearance form, cancel them right away.

Tutoring techniques: Now, you need to explore the tutoring techniques of the person you are hiring. Discuss your child’s strengths and weakness with the tutor so that he is aware of how to tailor-make his tutorial process to suit your kid’s needs. One-to-one tuitions are the best in this regard. If your child requires special focus on essays on Math, make sure his tutor is always ready to extend his assistance in these sectors. Some kids cannot prepare well for exams. So, good tutors must support their students wherever they falter.

Tutoring time and place: How often do you want your tutor to train your child? And, around what time of the day? You must not fix over three tuition sessions a week, for your kids. Choose a time which is convenient both for the children and the tutor. You should also fix the venue of the tuitions. At times, tutors might not be willing to travel to your home. Others tend to charge higher rates if they travel to your house, more so if they have to travel longer distances.

Your role as parent: Even if you engage tutors, some amount of participation from your end would truly motivate your child. Talk it out with your tutors, about how you can help. For instance, you can sit with your child as he completes the homework assigned to him by his tutor. Some parents are even present in front of the tutors as they are tutoring their kids – to observe how they are going about their job. And, also to note how the child and tutor interact with each other.

Cost of tuitions: Finally, you must know the exact charges of the tutors. While some tutors demand weekly payments, most others are happy with monthly payment. Generally, tutors with more than three years of experience are known to charge higher rates, as compared to student tutors or trainee tutors. But, there is no reason to come to a conclusion that the most expensive tutors would be the best one for training your kid. Then, there are a few tutors who demand an advance payment. You can even try to negotiate their charges.


Remember parents, you are committing a grave mistake if you have forgotten to ask even one of the questions mentioned above, while interviewing a potential tutor. Decide on tutors only after being certain that they will be dedicated academic guides for your children, encouraging kids to be deeply involved in their lessons. Good tutors are like true friends to most kids who listen to their problems patiently and provide practical and intelligent solutions. Now, all the very best to you for your ‘tutor search’ in UK!


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