Tips for Interview Success in Top Hong Kong Universities

Tips for Interview Success in Top Hong Kong Universities


In recent times, if you had been discussing about the world’s leading financial hubs, there’s no way you could leave Hong Kong out. Widely known as one of the most densely populated parts of Asia, this region offers a perfect blend of cosmopolitan culture.

Although close to China, Hong Kong had been under British occupation for a long time. This makes English the official language of the region. This, in turn, plays an important role to make it a go-to destination for the aspiring students from all over the world. However, there are enough opportunities to learn Mandarin, or the local language, Cantonese as well.

Studying in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been a center of advanced studies since the last decade. Significant efforts have been made to achieve distinguished results. The city provides a true global experience, which can outclass a number of countries in its dynamic outlook.

Hong Kong is truly nothing less than an adventure for aspiring students who want to enjoy their fun days at college while grooming themselves for a successful career ahead. And this autonomous region offers a wide range of opportunities for the students from almost every background. And it’s possible to study in Hong Kong universities at a low cost as well.


What is the credibility of Hong Kong as an educational destination? 

It has been quite long since Hong Kong has been attracting the attention of students from across the globe. And that’s not without any reason. The region has some amazing universities, which are known to offer the best training in different disciplines.

Major Universities of Hong Kong

Hong Kong has as many as 19 universities that award degrees. Among them, 3 rank in the top 10 of Asia as well as in the top 50 universities of the world.Here’s a quick look at some of the major universities of Hong Kong:

  • University of Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)
  • Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • City University of Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Lingnan University

Hong Kong’s universities offer educational programs that have standards at par with some of the major institutions across the globe. These universities are known to offer a few extremely valued courses on business management and administration. And all these are done in excellent adherence to one of the best curricula in the world, which assures the highest quality.

Students from different parts of the world look forward to joining these courses, as they open up a new horizon of job opportunities in front of them.

Admission to Major Hong Kong Universities

Hong Kong universities are among the best in the world. So, no doubt students from across the globe will be looking forward to joining them. Moreover, the courses offered in these universities are of great value in the job market, thus making it easy for the pass outs from these universities to land their dream jobs.

But there has to be some efforts and home works in place to get inducted to one of the best institutions of the autonomous region. Diligent preparations are required to crack the interviews at any of the Hong Kong universities.

Lots of students from across the globe aspire to join the universities of Hong Kong and send in their applications. The goal: to enhance their career potential. And it’s not impossible to get a place in one of those amazing universities. But a structured preparation is extremely necessary for it.

Here’s a quick look at the different aspects involved with the interview process and some proven tips to effectively handle them.

Being Particular about What to Wear

There is a saying, “first Impression is the last impression” and so, it’s your appearance that’s going to make the most important impact on the interviewers. So, you need to be alert about what you are wearing at the interview. Remember, your appearance defines your personality and conveys that you are serious and committed.Being very particular about the kind of attire you are asked to wear is very important. You have to adhere to it and convey the message that you respect the organization's heritage and policies. Universities may ask you to wear anything from business casuals to formals. If it doesn't, it is generally advisable to turn up in formals, as it will never be out of place, keeping up to the spirit of the interview process.

Being very particular about the kind of attire you are asked to wear is very important. You have to adhere to it and convey the message that you respect the organization's heritage and policies. Universities may ask you to wear anything from business casuals to formals. If it doesn't, it is generally advisable to turn up in formals, as it will never be out of place, keeping up to the spirit of the interview process.


Confidence is what you need a lot when you are entering the room of the interview. Remember, a lot of your problems will get resolved when you are not apprehensive about your performance.

Being confident does not mean that you are overtly sure about your induction.No!

It essentially speaks about your character! It communicates that you are ready and aware about your own abilities.

Once you have won the battle within you, things will turn out to be a lot easier than you would have thought. It is so necessary to be in the right frame of mind at the very beginning to boost up your performances. Over complicating things by being puzzled and tense will only worsen your possibilities.

So, be confident and gear up to provide a power-packed performance in the interview. All you need to do is have faith in yourself and a belief that you can stretch enough if necessary to crack the interview.

Have a Clear Idea about Your Resume

You need to create an interesting resume to have an chance of getting an admission to the university of your choice.

So, what should your resume have?nutshell

In short, a resume is YOU in a nutshell. It will give an idea about your potential to the interviewer in one go.

So, be very particular about framing the right kind of resume. Remember, it creates an indelible impression about you on the interviewer.

Also, it is necessary that you are well informed about your entire resume and can answer any questions derived from it. An ideal example will be if you have worked before, then be sure to be asked questions about:

  • Past experience
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Significant achievements
  • Awards and recognitions

Be very particular about your grades and performances of your academic qualification, as mentioned in the resume.

Do you really need to mention your hobbies and interests on the resume?

This is something you might be wondering about.The answer is quite simple.You must include these details, as they are meant to reveal your personality. So, choose them prudently while creating the resume. You may not mention all your hobbies. Instead, show only a few relevant ones that will extend support in your endeavor to get admission to the course.

Be inquisitive and ask relevant questions

You have appeared in the interview. You are quite satisfied, as you have answered most of the questions. Yet, when the result comes out, you find that your name is not there in the list.

What can be the reason behind this?

Just ask yourself one question: had you been inquisitive enough during the interview?

Answering questions is not enough. You need to express your interest to join the university. And that reflects best through the questions that you ask your interviewers as well.

The focus: to make the interview process interactive.

And remain assured, your proactive nature is sure to get rewarded. It will ensure that you find a place in the university of your choice.

However, ensure that you don’t ask cliché questions. Remember, the questions should also convey that you are well aware of the details of the course that you are applying for.

So, what are the types of questions that you should ask?


An ideal question will be what are the real-time opportunities in the coming 5 years after completing the following course?A question like this incites the interviewer. They engage into a discussion knowing that the students is aware about the program. And this can have a major impact on your prospects when it comes to cracking the interview process.

A question like this incites the interviewer. They engage into a discussion knowing that the students is aware about the program. And this can have a major impact on your prospects when it comes to cracking the interview process.

Have proper preparation

An interactive interview is the best to help you crack it. But to make it interactive, it’s extremely important to have proper plans in place. Practice religiously in the form of an extempore. Have in your mind:

  • how you will introduce yourself
  • what personality aspects you should focus on
  • which career achievements you will mention

You have to be in absolute control of yourself as you are making the presentation. This will give the interviewer ample idea about your communication skills and your personality.

Be Clear in Conveying Thoughts


Ultimately your career possibilities will always depend on how you communicate and convey your thoughts. So, here are what you should do.

Being Personal and Using Examples

You don't have to make any exaggerated attempt to appear really special. Sometimes it is quite important to know that boundary.

Be candid yet be serious in your approach.

But it’s always good to have a personal touch and avoid grim and a solemn tone. Use instances and share personal experiences, which your interviewer will be able to relate to your performance. To emphasize on your opinions, use relevant ideas to support your views with conviction.

This will give enough ideas to the interviewer that you are well aware about your views and potentiality.

Make efforts to control your introduction by telling and sharing experiences that you are comfortable with, rather than the ones with which you are a bit apprehensive. Put efforts to illustrate areas, which stresses on your interests about the particular program. Stay focused in not making too many points at one go, which will give an impression of being unorganized. Introspect yourself once more before you start speaking by assessing what the interviewer will want from you.

Be an Active Listener 

In group discussions, it is very important to hold back and listen to what others are saying. This essentially speaks about your enhanced skill in team work where you have the generosity of allowing individual space. It will spread the message that not only are you a performer, but you respect individual opinions and give them due diligence as well. This is an essential sign that will help you in your growth pedestal.


 The interviewer also gets to know your enduring abilities. However, the most important contribution of active listening will only benefit you, as it will help you in structuring your arguments or agreements in line with your counterparts. Thus, it will never be over the top and will always be in context.

Stop Being Nervous 

Even if you are not aware of the discussion topic, it is always better to keep calm. It is important not to lose confidence.

The topic is relevant, but it is more important how you project yourself.

It is always better to listen and then relate to some basic points that you might have come up with through the discussions. Being personal in your approach will help. You may candidly put it that you aren't well informed about it initially. But the most important part will be how you collate those points that is been discussed.

Putting forth your reasonable opinions on it with eagerness and creativity will surely help.

Discuss in a Positive Tone

Avoid using a negative tone in the discussion forum.

You need to conform to this rule even if the topic of discussion has contrary views among your counterparts. Understand the simple fact that you are trying to convey your communication skills to be eligible for the induction process. It is more important for you to hold back your arguments and use it in a positive and polite way.

The universities in Hong Kong provide ample opportunities to students from all corners of the world to get enrolled there. And once they can do that, the horizon opens up to a bright career. But before that, it is essential to crack the interviews. And it’s not easy at all. You need to follow proper steps to ensure. Also remain alert not to commit any mistake. And if you can do that, you will surely crack the interview and find a place for yourself in the most coveted Hong Kong universities.

Here are a few points to help you crack the interview at the most sought-after universities in Hong Kong. Surely you have some more ideas to face the interview. Share them with us in the comments. We are eager to hear from you.  


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