Tips for Students to Make Themselves More Employable

Tips for Students to Make Themselves More Employable


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As much importance as degrees hold in landing the perfect job, a number of other aspects factor in, to enhance your employability. No doubt a degree is essential. But with the surmounting competition, student loans and unemployment rate, it has become increasingly important to build skills that can spruce up your resume. These include the ones that align with the market needs of the sector you are applying for.

Decisions play a crucial role in career-building. From choosing the right subject to enrolling in the right college, every little decision you make goes into landing a great job. A single wrong decision could make or break your career. In fact, it isn’t uncommon to find college graduates who are stuck in jobs that are in no way related to their degrees; or bouncing back and forth between jobs in search of the right one; or worse, unemployed, and wishing they hadn’t taken the loan to get a college degree in the first place.

Academics are not enough to make yourself employable. There are other aspects that you need to consider as well. In this article, we are going to look into those in details. Read on to find out more.

 Plan Ahead

Nowadays many students who have completed their high schools are not sure about which subject they wish to major in. So they pick one without planning and find themselves in a mess where they are stuck between not understanding a word of the subject and the daunting college loan. A disinterest in the subject will make it difficult for students to understand the topics being covered and this will automatically result in low grades. And employability will decrease.

To avoid a situation like that, it is important to have a clear plan before you head to college. A good degree and commendable scores form the foundation of a career. You need to make sure that this foundation is concrete.

According to Kerryman Jerry Kendall who runs the design company, “Qualifications are vital, of course – and generally a great guide to the passion and commitment of a potential employee.

Writing Resumes That Work

Getting your prospective employers to give your resume a thought is a big deal. With numerous candidates aspiring to fill a handful of vacancies, making your resume stand out is an absolute necessity. An effective way to achieve this is by tailoring your resume according to the requirements of the specific job you are applying for.

The first step is to go through the job description carefully and understand what is expected of you. The company’s mission is a close second. Once you have done that, it is time to work on your resume and cover letter. You should add relevant experience, courses or workshops, skills, any recognition in the field and so on to back up your application for the job.

An updated resume has a good chance of being noticed. Make sure the impression you create with this piece of paper is more than enough to get you the interview.

The following video demonstrates how to write the perfectly tailored resume in a smart way.

Enhance Your Online Presence

Your online presence plays a major role in your employability. Many employers search for the right candidates on social media. Even recruitment agencies send you notifications if your profile matches the job criteria. That is like an extra cookie that you didn’t even have to ask for.

Apart from that, when a company receives your resume, the recruiters are definitely going to check your social media profiles out. The way you portray yourself online and the activities you indulge in beyond work, matter. Controversial posts or rowdy and unprofessional attitude could be a reason for not getting the interview call. If your social media profiles contain anything that could result in a negative impression, you can consider changing your privacy settings.

That being said, zero social media presence can work against you in your job search. Therefore, your social footprint and how you manage it can go a long way in getting you your dream job.

Learn New Skills

New skills add value to your resume and make it noticeable. It also shows that you are not idling away your free time even when you are associated with an organization. Additionally, it also shows that you have an interest in learning new things. This makes you flexible and an easy pick for the job.

A new skill could be anything ranging from a language to a sport. Even generic skills that are transferable count. The lessons that you learn from a new skill could also be applied to growing your career. Apart from that, the skills you acquire could turn out to be a positive conversation builder in your interview. You might even share a common skill with the interviewer!

The basic idea behind this is that you cannot let yourself be complacent. The moment you stop learning, your ability to stand out reduces. That will reduce your employability considerably.

Your Attitude Matters

It is quite natural for students to feel discouraged if the job hunt does not go as planned. This results in a lack of confidence. If you feel this way, then it is highly likely that you will be bringing this attitude along with you to your next interview. Once interviewers sense a weak willpower in you, they might not give you a second thought.

Even though the struggle to land the job might seem endless, you need to remember that every cloud has a silver lining. Being positive will reflect on your body language and would go a long way in winning you the job.

Apart from that, your interview skills matter, too. From the moment you walk in through the door, you are going to be judged. The way you dress, present yourself, your manners and your replies say a lot about you. Make sure you are making a good impression. To make sure that you are on the right track, you can participate in mock interviews with your friends or teachers.

The following video shows a few more tips that you can employ.

Once you get these right, you will have an edge over the others in your interview. These would increase your employability considerably.

Would you like to add any other tips to this list? Share those with us in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.


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