Tips That Help to Hold Attention of Distracted Students

Tips That Help to Hold Attention of Distracted Students

For how long do you expect your students pay attention to the lessons? Few psychologists believe that normal attention span of a student is about ten to fifteen minutes, yet most classes at high school often continue for 50 to 60 minutes. In fact the attention span of students depends on different factors such as enjoyment, motivation, time of the day, emotion and so on. From incorporating appropriate demonstration to nice visuals in lessons, you can adopt many interesting things to keep your students engaged as well as alert.Here are a few tips or tricks you can implement and improve your students’ attention span.

Change level as well as tone of voice

While teaching your student, you often have to lower or even raise level or even tone down your voice. By a slight modulation of voice, you can easily help your absentminded pupils to become more attentive and focus on lessons.

Make use of props as well as visuals

Another option is to present a stunning image related to topic and draw attention of your student. Do not give your own comment. All you have to do is to allow them to begin dialogue. Most teachers also use storyboards, projectors as well as other modern devices as teaching tool.

Use amazing statement or even give a striking quote

You can write a surprising statement as well as interesting quotes related to topic. Such technique also helps your student to improve their attention. For example, if you wish to teach your students about the importance of line breaks in poetry, you can write “I wish”, then wait for one minute and then in the next line, you write ‘to have a cup of ice-cream’. You can then watch the reaction of your students. This type of fun-filled technique can work best for your students.

Write challenging question on the whiteboard

The next step is to write down comprehension question related to reading on the whiteboard. Then you must request your students to reply it on a slip of paper and then submit the slip to you. You can also conduct important quiz session in this matter. This type of activity also helps the students to focus on the course materials.

Select appropriate examples

You should put yourself in your students’ shoes and also try to relate the content to them. Make sure that you must not try to reach to each and every student individually. Use examples as well as scenarios that your students often come across almost regularly.

Deal with the difficult problems effectively

Tough study materials often compel the students to get distracted easily. Check out if they are getting bored and tailor materials accordingly. Information overload may also diminish the desire of the students to learn difficult things.

Introduce interactive sessions

If you have to teach human anatomy, you do not just go on lecturing by using charts as well as diagrams. Otherwise your students will easily get bored and distracted. While lecturing you must take break and ask if the students can easily figure out the exact location of brain section. You can also encourage them to ask questions and solve their doubts easily.

Use wit and humor in your lecture session

Try to crack joke from time to time. This innovative technique is effective to draw back attention of your students. In fact, the students always appreciate the tutors who know how to add humor and make the lessons more interesting for the students. You can narrate a funny incident, talk about weather or any other thing that seems to work best for the students.

Establish your task, routine as well as time limit

When the students work in groups, they should know what they have to do, for how many days and also which team they belong to. Clear goals will help your student to stay focus and attentive.

Allow your students to display their skills

Allow your students to participate in a class debate. Give them a topic and ask the students either to talk on the issue. To avoid confusion you should take initiative to plan it in advance. Divide the students into two separate groups, allot different roles within the team and undertake other important steps. Try to involve the students into such kind of activity and keep them focused like never before.Follow the tips and suggestion and allow your students to increase their attention span.Image Courtesy:


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