Tips to become Better at Algebra

Tips to become Better at Algebra

As a school-girl, Algebra was the only component of Math that attracted me. Linear inequations, quadratic equations and algebraic problems enabled me to score the maximum grades, after all! On the other hand, Trigonometry and Calculus always failed me during my exams, no matter how hard I worked at them. Somehow, Algebra gradually turned out to be a true friend.

But, I have met a large number of students who are put off by Algebra as well. I have noticed some them struggling painfully with most Algebraic problems and doing their best to avoid them during their Math practice sessions. If you’re one of them, have you ever bothered to ask yourself why this part of Math seems intimidating to you? Like every other subject, you can succeed in Algebra if you follow some of the top tips to score well as suggested here.

First of all, you must learn to feel optimistic about improving in Algebra. I agree, failing multiple times in a row does impact our confidence adversely. Yet, I would say that a good amount of hard work, discipline and adopting an ‘intelligent way of Algebra practice’ can have a magical effect on your Algebra grades. Continue reading to learn about a few tips to become better at Algebra:

  • Strengthen your Arithmetic: Remember students, Arithmetic is the basis of all sorts of Mathematical problems. So before you start a new lesson, make sure you possess a strong foundation in different concepts of Arithmetic. Go through the fundamentals of this part of Math, like number series and different types of calculations. Practice your Mental Math calculations and other important concepts that your Math teacher suggests. If you are equipped with a good basic knowledge of this Math element, you need not worry about Algebra at all.
  • Review whatever is being taught: Some students prefer keeping silent even when they are unable to grasp certain concepts in class. Pay attention to your teacher when he or she explains the solution to a problem. Try to analyze it. And, if you are still unable to understand why a particular problem is solved in a certain way, ask your teacher. Believe me, your teacher would explain to you as many times as is required, till you finally understand it properly. Discuss your doubts with your friends who are quick learners when it comes to Algebra.
  • Prepare for Algebra: It is always wiser to come to your Algebra class well-prepared, if you are weak in this part of Math. This way you can understand more clearly what your teacher means, which would help you during your next Math class. Learn the formulae and know about the rules that would be necessary when you start learning Algebra. Approach your Math instructor, tutor and teacher and request them for a guide on pre-Algebra lessons. Why not use some interesting Algebra games online to develop an intuition for it?
  • Learn it online: Do not depend solely on your Math textbooks while you are trying to learn Algebra. Try employing different kinds of online resources to master this tricky element of Math. You can go for some online software that can guide you effectively. Apart from that, you can also hire an online tutor who would be available anytime during the day so that you can get your doubts cleared even after your school hours.
  • Practice a lot: Constant cramming wouldn’t aid you at all, when you are making attempts to improve your Math skills. Rather, try to analyze and interpret every step or formula that is being implemented to solve a particular Algebraic problem. Memorizing would never help you, as Algebra and Math are completely different from other subjects like History. Keep practicing Algebra regularly and devote at least one hour each day for it.
  • Proceed step by step: Algebra consists of various kinds of word problems and equations that become tougher as you progress. Certain Algebraic equations also require you to solve them by creating graphs. Therefore, as I mentioned earlier, you must proceed in a step-by–step manner and also develop an intuition for Math, especially in Algebra. A smart tip for you: start with single unknowns, first degree and system equation comprising two equations. Continue solving the simpler Algebraic problems till you are expert in that area, before moving on to more complex ones.
  • Study in a group: Research has indicated that group studies can yield productive results during exams. Choose a team that comprises students who are ardent lovers of Algebra and start studying with them. Focus on your problem areas and keep practicing as much as you can. If you are stuck at a problem, feel free to share it with your group. Observe how they go about solving it. Similarly, if your group members confront any issues, you can always offer them your assistance.
  • Avoid careless mistakes: Be very cautious while you are working out any problem associated with Algebra. However, this rule applies for all kinds of Mathematical problems and not just Algebra. You must be already aware of the fact that every single mark accounts for your overall academic performance during your final exams. Therefore, concentrate on your problems so that you don’t make any silly mistakes and lose marks unnecessarily. Focus on each and every step.

Trust me, Algebra can be quite interesting if you know how to make it appear so. A clear understanding of the basics and daily practice goes a long way in enabling you to achieve perfection in this field. In fact, Geometry and Algebra are the two facets of Math that really help students score well. Do your Algebra homework and use technology to make it simpler. For instance, today you can find a number of apps that help you learn Math. Download some of them and have fun with Algebra, students!


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