Tips to Check Papers in A Better Way

Tips to Check Papers in A Better Way

Are you a teacher? Checking papers are hectic I suppose. Now, being the exam season around teachers remains worried about paper checking. Most of the school teachers get piles of copies for checking at this time. The deadline to finish the work is much less in comparison to the piles of copies. During the paper checking days, a teacher hardly gets time to do other things. Not only that the schools do not grant them leave permissions. They have to be present for the paper checking and grading process.

But what is really important is that besides all these factors the paper checking has to be good. This is because a student's fate depends on his papers. Checking of the papers decides that if they will pass or fail in the examination. There are certain ways that the teachers need to abide by while scrutinizing the answer scripts. Some of the right ways to check papers are as follows:

Divide the Sections

When you get the answer scripts for checking, first divide the sections or mark them the way you find them easier. This will make your checking process easy and more organized. Ensure that you do not miss out any of the topics.

Read the Answers Thoroughly

A thorough reading of the answer scripts is necessary. This will help in judging whether the answer is right or wrong. For better evaluation go through the writings find out the relevant points and then award marks. Missing points make a negative impression. You also need to ensure that the thought of the points are coherent and not beating around the bush.

Mark According To Quality

Of course, you are not going to give equal scores to everyone. Some will write well and some will just write. So, there is bound to be a difference in the writings of different students. If you feel that a writing is extraordinarily good then you can give them top scores. The marks of all the students will be based on quality. For maths questions, you should be marking them for each correct step. The long answer questions should be marked on correct points.

Record the Marks

You have to keep a track of the marks so as to avoid any mistakes while marking. The best process to mark an answer is to put the marks beside it in the margins and also on the front page. You can also calculate the total of a page and note it down at the top or bottom of each page. This will ensure that you have put all the marks correctly.

Check According To Roll Numbers

If you want to be organized without losing out any of the papers then check according to the roll numbers of the students. This will help you to avoid skipping out any of the papers and complete the checking process in a sequence.

Use Pencils for Marking

Many institutes ask their teachers to check papers with pencils. The reason is the checking will be neat and clean. In case of any kind of mistakes, you can recheck and put down the new marks by just erasing the previous ones. The checking should be done in such a way that a third person can easily understand it.

The Extra Answers

Suppose, you see that the students have done extra answers than the required number of questions. Then do check the whole paper before you cross out any of the answers. After you end checking cross out the answers in which they have obtained lesser marks.

Do Correct Counting

When you have completed the checking then you can count on the marks. To be sure that the total is right, count more than once.


After the completion of the overall process, you are advised to recheck the papers. This will make sure that you have not missed out checking any of the portions or marking any of the questions. With that, the marking will be good.

Another thing that teachers should maintain is to be lenient with the more critical sections while checking and strict with the easier sections. In the compulsory portions give them marks leniently as these are the scoring sections for them. So, if you are checking the papers ensure that you do it in an organized manner. This will, make sure that you have marked them correctly.


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