Tips to give a Classroom Presentation

Tips to give a Classroom Presentation


Albert Chan broke into a cold sweat as he switched on the slide projector of his classroom. He had to start giving his presentation to the class in the next five minutes and naturally seemed a bit nervous. Being aware of Chan’s fear of the stage, his teacher had assigned him a simple topic: ‘conservation of tigers in the twenty-first century’. Yet, this fifteen-year-old boy seemed like a fish out of water as he stood on the dais, facing a sea of spectators that comprised his teacher and classmates! 

Now Albert Chan is not the only victim of ‘glossophobia’ - the anxiety associated with speaking in front of an audience. Research has indicated that such an acute speech anxiety is known to affect a large number of people across the world. This is an alarming news, especially since public speaking is a skill that has widespread utility in innumerable professions.

However, you must be a good speaker right since your schooldays. A few instances where you might be required to demonstrate your speaking skills at school include classroom presentations, debates, extempore, group projects and so on.

Read on to learn about some of the tips that can help you give a perfect classroom presentation:

#1. Planning

Planning is the very first step towards reaching any goal. Therefore, plan your presentation well by writing your main ideas on a sheet of paper. Avoid writing down the details and instead just highlight the essential points that need to be discussed. This is because you wouldn’t have enough time to read through long paragraphs. Include some interesting facts, coupled with interactive questions that engage the audience.

#2. Practicing

If you practice something well, you can never go wrong! This is why I would advise you to practice your presentation several times before you finally deliver it! Rehearse in front of the mirror or ask your friends to listen to you as you explain your presentation to them. Once you finish, encourage them to give you their honest feedback. Now modify your performance based on that feedback.

#3. Doing research

Before you convince your viewers about your ideas, you must develop a sound knowledge about the main concepts. This is possible when you invest your time in researching your presentation topic. Collect sufficient reference material from your notes, textbooks as well as online resources to enrich your expertise on the subject. It would also help you answer the questions that your audience might ask you during the presentation.

#4. Smiling at the viewers

A smile is the best way to establish an instant connection with people. So smile at your audience while giving your presentation. The smile implies that you are happy to inform your viewers about a particular topic that would captivate their attention in a better way. You would be amazed to see how smoothly your presentation progresses if you smile at your audience.

#5. Being confident

Your audience would listen to you with rapt attention if you sound confident while explaining a particular illustration included in your presentation. This sends a message to your audience that you know your topic well enough to educate others about the same. Stand straight as you speak, and speak firmly yet politely. Your voice must exude your self-confidence and smartness which would definitely impress your viewers.

#6. Making eye-contact

Staring down at your diary or at the floor tends to distract your audience. So look straight, relax and make your presentation interactive. The members of your audience are mostly your classmates with whom you spend a considerable amount of time every day at school. So customize your presentation in a way that is sounds simple and interesting to them.

#7. Concluding well

You must be familiar with the saying ‘all is well that ends well’. So make sure that you give a smart conclusion to your classroom presentation. You can add your personal opinion about the subject you are discussing or even a story. Another great way to conclude is to add a fact about a historical or famous personality that has a connection with your topic.

I hope these tips motivate you to be an outstanding speaker as you give your classroom presentation, my friends. I agree some of you might have butterflies in your stomach every time you are on the stage. However, the good news is that you can improve upon your presentation skills whenever you wish to, only if you are willing to practice!


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