Tips to increase concentration in children (Part 1)

Tips to increase concentration in children (Part 1)

A child faces a host of concentration issues because they’re programmed differently in comparison to adults. If the task given isn’t up to the mark, they get bored quickly and starts shifting their attention to something that appears to be more interesting from their point of view.

Hence, you need to do something unique and interesting to ensure the fact that they stay attentive to the task until completion. How can you do that? We’ll discuss the same in this article.

In this article, we have provided a few tips that you can use to improve concentration and attentiveness in your children. Let’s go through them without further ado.

1. Games and activities

Children learn more from games and activities. It’s an universal fact. You can also use the same tactic to great effects here in order to increase your child’s concentrating abilities over time. You’ll just have to do it the right way. Here are a few tips:

  • Brain games: These games encourage your child to think which in turn can highly improve his/her concentrating abilities. These can include the likes of Jigsaw Puzzles, Rubik’s cube (not exactly recommended for kindergarten kids and below), memory game and card games (e.g. Set and UNO).

  • Sequencing activities and games: Concentration and sequencing activities are inherently linked with one another for a pretty long time. You can use building blocks to your benefits here. Ask your kid to build something systematically (by following instructions) with the blocks. Such systematic and methodical practice can positively improve his/her concentration for sure.

  • The freeze game: Being still in one place for an extended period of time is a difficult job indeed. But practicing it religiously every day can highly improve your concentration levels (think of meditation). Well, it’ll be too difficult for you to coax your child into meditation from such an early age and therefore, you have to opt for a different solution. How about the freeze game?

2. Prepare the learning environment based on your kid’s needs

Some children might respond well in a calm and soothing environment whereas some do well in one having a lot of hustle. You need to understand what suits your kid the best and take necessary actions to fulfill it accordingly. Here are a few tips:

  • A soothing ambience: If your child thrives well in a soothing environment, then this one’s for you. Put on some instrumental music along with soft lighting to set the tone for studying. Things like that can definitely help him/her to concentrate.

  • The use of gadgets: If there’s the need of a soothing and calming environment for studies, you should ideally switch off every gadget present in the room to avoid any distraction. In case your child responds well in a bustling environment, you can do the opposite to see how it works.

  • Get everything within reach: Keeping everything within reach can help a lot in keeping distractions down. That’s because your child won’t have to get up again to find anything s/he needs for the job because everything is right there in front of him/her. These things might look too petty on the hindsight, but an organizational approach like does have its benefits.

3. Healthy food and eating habits

Healthy food have a direct connection with concentration. The consumption of junk and sugar-rich food does the opposite because it can actually make your kid sluggish. So it’s necessary for you to build up a healthy food habit for your kid so that s/he benefits in the long run. Here are a few tips for you:

  • Bring down caffeine consumption for your kid: Lately, kids are seen to be consuming a whole lot of caffeine through soft drinks and energy drinks for a number of reasons. You need to bring this consumption down due to the high sugar intake which can lead to a “crash”.

  • Eat green, stay healthy: Green food are the best. And yes, by that we definitely mean the veggies. Beans, spinach, carrots etc. coupled with juicy fruits can work wonders in improving your kid’s concentration. So what are you waiting for?


So that completes our part 1 of this article for now. We’ll be coming up with a “part 2” soon. But for now it’s a goodbye. Hope the tips highlighted above came in handy for you.  


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