Tips to increase concentration in children (Part 2)

Tips to increase concentration in children (Part 2)

Right, now we promised in part 1 of our very same article that we’ll come up with an extension. The tips mentioned over there don’t exactly complete the entire set. So here it is.

In this article, we have discussed a few more tips through which you might be able to increase the level of concentration in your kid. Let’s take a peek at them without further ado.

4. Power breaks and power naps can help in boosting concentration

Long hours of studies aren’t too advisable for kids who face a host of concentration issues. A 5 minute power break is recommended after a brief 30 minute session to get the maximum results.

You will notice that children are able to concentrate more after a good night’s rest. The rest refreshes their brain and rejuvenates them to concentrate hard on their tasks right in the morning. You can use the very same idea in their day routine to make it more productive.

For example,

A power nap of say, around 20 minutes after school can do him/her more good than harm to be honest. S/He will be able to concentrate more on his homework and will be more productive as well in the hours to follow.

You can follow the power nap with a few more study breaks after a 30 minute study/homework session to ensure that the interest doesn’t dwindle over time. It works you know.

5. Know how your child respond to different methods of learning

All child respond in different ways to different form of learning. For example, some children are able to understand things more easily if they actually see it in person whereas some understand things better if they actually hear it through their own ears. So you see that the response is different but the output stays the same. You’ll have to find out the one that suits your child the best.

Here are a few tips for you:

  • Visual approach: Does your child respond well to visual information? If s/he does, you will see him/her concentrate better when s/he’s allowed to read a piece of information and write the same on another piece of paper.

If everything ticks positive in this aspect, you will be able to use several visual based content to take your kid’s concentration to the next level. These are things like:

  • Educational films and TV shows

  • Flash cards

  • Painting

  • Charts and diagrams etc.

  • Auditory approach: Does your kid learn better when s/he hears information in general? If she does, your approach should be based exactly on auditory techniques to benefit the kid in particular. These should be your tactics:

  • Reading aloud

  • Using music to the child’s benefit

  • Audiobooks

  • Explainer audios (where complex topics are explained verbally for improved comprehensibility; can be extremely beneficial for auditory learners)

  • Tactile approach: This category consists of the kids who learn better when they actually experience the same information in real life. They touch things and comprehend them better. For e.g.:

If your kid’s a tactile based learner, you can take him/her to the museum when s/he’s learning about “early man.” This can benefit him/her tremendously.

6. Use rewards to your benefits

Successful completion of tasks should be rounded off with rewards to ensure that the child comes back to it again and again.

It doesn’t have to be something very costly. Even an extra half an hour of TV or an extra scoop of ice-cream can do the trick for you. You’ll just have to ensure that you don’t use it repetitively. Otherwise it would lose the charm over time.

These rewards might look too small on the hindsight, but they can really play a major role in improving your child’s attentiveness, concentration and self-esteem. So is there something not to like? Guess not!


So that brings us to the end of this article (part 2). But that doesn’t mean we have gone through the entire thing yet. There are a few more tips that I would like to share with you. So stay tuned for more. A final part (Part- 3) of this article will soon appear on this very same platform. Ciao!  


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