Tips to increase concentration in children (Part 3)

Tips to increase concentration in children (Part 3)

So part 1’s done and dusted, part 2’s done as well and hence, here it is. This one’s going to be the last piece of the puzzle. So let’s start our part 3 without further ado.

7. Preparing a smart study routine

A smart study routine has everything to do with improving concentration and attentiveness in kids. Working hard is important but working smart is more important. Following a smart study routine can make your kid fall in the second category which is desirable indeed.

A study routine has two important benefits. Firstly, it gives your kid the idea that organization is the key to any success. Secondly, it also helps him/her improve his/her time management skills which is a priceless trait indeed.

So this one works; right? Just go for this tactic with your eyes closed and you’ll be surprised to see the positive results that it can bring over time.

8. Divide larger tasks and assignments into smaller doable chunks

This is a realistic approach to solving any problem in real life. It also helps to inculcate critical problem-solving skills in individuals and hence, the importance of this tactic can never be ignored.

Studying an entire topic in a single day is a humungous task indeed. It’s also a very unrealistic goal that can seldom be productively fulfilled within that designated time period. Therefore, it’s always advisable to break such tasks into smaller doable and realistic chunks.

Your kid will be at ease when the assignment’s placed in front of him/her in form of doable chunks. S/He will concentrate more on his/her job and will slowly and steadily creep up to the finish line in no time. So it’s definitely effective; isn’t it?

9. Use your child’s energy to your benefits

Different children have different levels of energy at different times of the day.

Your child might exhibit extreme signs of activity in the mornings whereas another one might be very active in the evenings. You’ll just have to find out the time that suits your child’s energy the best.

Always engage your child in difficult tasks in times when his/her energy level is at its peak. That will help him/her concentrate more on the task at hand. Small things like that can definitely do him/her a whole lot of good in the long run.

As the level of energy goes down over time, switch your child to tasks that are comparatively easier in comparison to that of the initial one.

10. Teach your child breathing exercises and yoga

Breathing exercise can help a lot to calm an individual down. Remember calmness and concentration are directly linked to one another. So the importance of those exercises can never be ignored.

Anyway, let’s discuss this breathing exercise in more details now. It’s called the 4-7-8 breathing technique. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Take a deep breath by placing the tip of your tongue at the roof of your mouth. Breathe in toll the count of four.

  • Then hold your breath till the count of seven.

  • Then exhale slowly till the count of eight.

You’ll need to do it consistently for a period of say, 3 minutes to get the best results. You can teach your child this breathing exercise to improve his/her concentrating abilities. You can also use yoga to your benefits but that involves a bit more technicality and physicality. Is your child up for it?

11. Set time limits for goal completions

Note: You should use this tactic especially at times when your kid’s energy level at its peak (refer to pt. 9).

If you want to get the maximum out of your kid within the minimum amount of time, this tactic can come in handy for you.

Set realistic goals like completing a total of 5 numericals within 20 minutes. If you child’s up for the job, this practice can benefit him tremendously in improving his/her concentration and his/her time management skills. Now that’s priceless indeed.

P.S. This tactic might not suit every child. Timed goals and assignments may sometimes lead to anxiety and other stress-related issues. So look before you leap.


So that’s it then. It’s time we bring this to an end for the final time now. Hope you found all three parts of this article equally handy for your purpose. Don’t hesitate to drop your suggestions and experiences in the comments section below. I would definitely love to hear from you. But for now, Adieu!


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