Tips to Manage a Noisy Class

Tips to Manage a Noisy Class

Keeping a classroom of 35 students quiet and to get their attention is extremely tough. Most of the students are quite talkative and playful especially with their friends around. They like to talk all day, play pranks, have fun and have a gala time. They are always looking to trouble the teacher and not allow the teacher to teach. Although it is a difficult task, the teacher will have to control the class and teach. It is their responsibility to maintain discipline in the class and to ensure that each and every student have understood the concept. It is one of the important qualities of teachers that how do they control students and make them pay attention.Children just love to make noise and have fun. Teachers have a huge responsibility of controlling the class and make sure that children don’t make noise and don’t do any kind of mischief.

Tips to manage a noisy class:

  • Make learning more interesting and attractive. Don’t just teach from textbooks and notes. Try to narrate like a story, prepare attractive power point presentation with loads of attractive pictures. Show them different type of videos and also make them participate in activities. All these things will keep children busy and interested in studies which will automatically keep them quiet. This will also help them to understand the concepts.

  • A teacher needs to be strict to manage a 35 student class. They need to make policies by which students will be afraid to make mischief. It is important for teachers to identify the thin line between getting strict and getting stubborn. Children hate teachers that do not listen to them or understand them. Try to explain the child in a friendly way and if a child does not follow the instructions after a couple of times then only punish them. Also it is essential to identify the students who make noise in the class. They should be caught and punished.

  • Teachers should make children quiet by talking in non-verbal ways. It reflects on behaviour system and perhaps on positive reinforcement. Teachers can also control the class by using different methods amongst the children like making a points system, where team with maximum points is awarded a prize. They can also give badges and stickers of monitor and heads to control the class.

  • Ignore certain misbehaviour’s such as joke or comments which makes the whole class lively, just put a smile on your face and ignore it. Accept that some students are so notorious that they cannot be taught and kept quite unless some action has been taken by the authority. Try to ignore the miscreants but include them in your study plan and try to keep them engaged.

  • Make sure that you have self-esteem and self-confidence which help you to make proper decision. Be strong in every rule you make as students like to exploit weak teacher. Children should know that you deserve high amount of respect and an impression should be created that you will not tolerate any disturbance or disobedience.

  • Make a definite set of rules and make sure that each and every child follows them. You should be firm on your decision and students should be aware about the rules and regulations. Rules should be same for everyone and no priority must be given. Don’t allow exemption to anyone as it will start a chain and ultimately your rules will no longer be followed.

  • A teacher should never shout or scream to control a class. Instead strict action must be taken against children who does not follow the rules. Try to gain control of the class when the noise level just starts to increase as it is extremely difficult to control a very loud class. Try to gain cooperation from the students in order to have a quiet class. There should be correct communication between teacher and students as it helps them in understanding better.

It is very essential to have a quiet class as it helps both, the teacher in teaching a concept and to students in understanding a concept. Not making noise in the class also teaches them moral values like how to behave in s disciplined manner, how to listen when an elder is speaking and when and where to speak.


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