Top Tips to Prepare for Math Exams

Top Tips to Prepare for Math Exams

Imagine this scenario. Your all-important Math exam begins in approximately 20 hours! Some of you are feeling breathless. And some others already have butterflies in their stomachs. “Should I practice Coordinate Geometry, or must I work some more on Integral Calculus first…?” - you tend to have conflicting thought processes. At the same time, you start revising all the important Math formulas one by one.Yes, you read that right - ‘revising’ the formulas. But, do you really think that just revising some formulas and ‘going through’ various kinds of problems would make you ready for your Math exam? After all, this is an exam related to Mathematics, and not a History exam you are studying for. Naturally, you must follow a completely different process of preparing for your Math exam. And that’s when it becomes important to start ‘doing’ Math and not ‘learning’ it per se.To start with, the first thing that you should develop is an intuition for Math. Know the appropriate logic behind a particular step before you say yes when your teacher asks if you’ve understood it. This is because Math is a subject that is completely based on pure logic. Once you have grasped the basics, you are already set to achieve success in your Math exams. Keeping this in mind, I have prepared a list of the top tips to help you prepare for your Math exam:

  • Attend classes regularly: Think twice before you plan to bunk your Math tuitions as you might miss out on crucial formulas that are explained in these classes. Not only that, you can also pick up a few smart tricks from your teacher that help you to arrive at the conclusion while solving particular problems. Obviously, you cannot afford to miss a single class as you also risk losing essential tips for exam preparation. These Math classes also encourage you to approach you teacher with any doubts that may arise while solving Math problems. Clearing your doubts makes you more comfortable and confident while preparing for your Math exams.


  • Ask questions: The last day before your Math exam is also the last chance for you to clarify all your queries. Don’t be reluctant to place your problems before your teacher. Your teacher might guide you in your problem areas and help you with some exam tips as well. While I agree that there are a few Math instructors who appear to be quite strict in their approach, I’m sure they would be more than happy to help you in this subject. So, go ahead and shoot your questions without any hesitation, dear students!
  • Study your textbook: Before you sit for the Math exam, you must be thorough with the formulas and their applications. Spend quality time with your Math textbook. Read and understand every definition and example of the problems included in your curriculum. And, don’t forget to study the derivations of the various formulas. In addition, revise the proofs of those formulas to understand why they are employed to solve specific Math problems. You can start working on the sums only when you are sure about these formulas.
  • Solve ‘homework problems’: Never underestimate the importance of your ‘homework problems’. Certain sums are assigned as homework only due to the fact that they are useful. It also implies that there is a high probability that some of them might appear in your Math question paper! Therefore, always ensure that you complete your daily Math homework and have it reviewed by your teacher. Keep these problems and their solutions handy while studying for your Math exam. Note down the way in which they have been solved and the formulas employed in the process.
  • Explore multiple ways to solve problems: Remember that some Mathematical equations can be solved in multiple ways. Try to explore all the possible ways that might enable you to arrive at the proper solution. You never know what kind of a question might be thrown at you in a Math exam. Prepare yourself to the best of your ability, so that none of the questions appear to be daunting and thereby lessen your hopes of performing well in this subject. For instance, certain equations can be solved by graphing, elimination or even substitution.
  • Start studying much before your exam: Studying at the last minute does more harm than help, friends. The best way to equip yourself for a Math exam is to start revising for it at least two months prior to the actual exam date. Start with the problems that seem trickier. Practice as much as you can and discuss any issues that you may be facing with your Math teacher. And in case you find Math to be scary, you can also start with the easier problems, gradually proceeding to tougher ones. At the same time, it’s important to relax and stop feeling anxious.
  • Study in a group: Unsure about which Math problem to start with? Incapable of solving a few Calculus problems? Why not start studying in a group? That way if you ever confront any issues while trying to solve a problem, you can always share it with your group. And, make attempts to solve it together. Group studies are truly beneficial, if done in the right way. This is because every student deals with Math concepts in different ways which again helps you to learn new and more effective ways to solve particular problems. Plus, it’s always great fun to compete with your study partners and take turns in solving specific problems in the quickest possible time.
  • Get adequate sleep: It’s a known fact that a proper sleep cycle enables the brain to renew its energy level and work more efficiently. So don’t even think about skipping your nightly slumber before your Math exam by staying up late to work out problems. As I had mentioned earlier, studying at the very last minute hardly helps anyway! Keep your mind relaxed and completely stress-free. Engage in some deep breathing exercises to keep yourself alert and calm, which enables you to concentrate better. You’ll find that it becomes much easier to perform Math calculations mentally once you start feeling fresh after adequate sleep.

Also recommended: Mental Math tricks for superfast calculations.Math is really interesting, if you know the proper way to practice the different problems included in your syllabus. What makes Math unique is that it is the only subject that lets you score well and at a faster pace. There are certain sums that grant you an additional mark for every accurate step taken to arrive at the conclusion. The best tip for scoring well in Math exams is to keep practicing problems from each and every chapter, and as much as possible. You can say this is the golden rule that can earn you generous grades! But, then again, you must also prepare intelligently for your Math exams to be able to easily score top marks in this seemingly terrifying subject. I hope my tips have been helpful while you start to prepare for your next Math exam, friends. Here’s wishing you all the very best for the best Math exam ever!


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