Top 10 schools in Austin, Texas

Aug 14, 2020

Austin is the capital of Texas and it is the eleventh populous city in the US. It has twenty-nine public school districts, seventeen charter schools, and sixty-nine private schools that serve Independent school districts. The school district operates local primary schools and secondary schools. There are also private and alternative educational institutes that cater to students up to the 12th grade. The TEA (Texas Education Agency) supervises these districts, offering additional funding, but TEA’s jurisdiction is limited mostly to interfering in week schools in the districts. There are numerous private colleges and universities in the Austin area such as The Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, The Concordia University Texas, The Huston-Tillotson University, St. Edward's University, The Seminary of the Southwest, The Acton School of Business, The Austin Graduate School of Theology, The Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, The Virginia College, Austin Campus,

The Art Institute of Austin, and The Park University.

Every year, [email protected] (CHILDREN AT RISK )  grades and classifies Texas public schools to help parents, teachers, and community members to understand how schools in their surroundings are performing. CHILDREN AT RISK is an unbiased research and support organization that is dedicated to addressing the root causes of a poor public school environment that affect children. Using the various tools of research and reinforcement, the organization works on a broad range of children’s issues, such as education, parenting, family well being, health,  nutrition, immigration, and human trafficking. By doing such extensive research work, schools are assigned ranks and grades based on the students’ success on consistent tests, the yearly improvements of the students, and how the schools support economically underprivileged students. High Schools are also evaluated on how well they prepare the students for colleges, universities, and their careers.

The following are the top ten schools in Austin, Texas.

1) Liberal Arts and Science Academy (LASA)

LASA (The Liberal Arts and Science Academy  High School) is a four-year wide-ranging, public, urban, advanced academic high school comprising of 1,295 students. The school recruits the most academically advanced students from public and private middle schools in Austin, and so, admission to LASA is competitive. The admission procedure is based on test scores, previous achievements, and teacher recommendations. The LBJ Science Academy was created in 1985. The Liberal Arts Academy at Johnston High School started its journey in 1987. The two academies got merged in 2002 and became LASA. The Liberal Arts and Science Academy develop responsible leaders, problem solvers, and thinkers by offering a nationally recognized, arduous yet innovative, and progressing curriculum. The School produces graduates with brilliant knowledge and skills in English, other languages, mathematics, science, social studies, and computer technology. The outstanding high school educational system at LASA prepares students for higher education along with encouragement to make a significant contribution to the community, the state, and the nation. The curriculum for every course, that include maths, English, science, social studies, and art is designed in such a way so that students go and beyond state and district standards. Students are guided by the teachers who are experts in their fields f academics and inspire students who enjoy the challenge provided by those teachers.

7309 Lazy Creek Dr, Austin, TX 78724, United States.
Phone: +1 512-414-5272

2) The Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders

Ann Willis Richards, the 45th Governor of Texas, was the first woman elected County Commissioner in Travis County and Treasurer of the State of Texas. Richards became famous and a  celebrity with her memorable keynote address to the 1988 Democratic National Convention. Born in 1933 during the depths of the Depression, Richards had big dreams though residing in a small Texas town. She always believed that education was the key to prospect and equality.

Founded by Ann Willis Richards, The Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders devotes itself to prepare young women to attend and graduate from college, have a healthy and well-proportioned lifestyle, with the courage and compassion to face problems creatively and morally. The Ann Richards School is a public girls school that caters to grades six to twelve for the Austin Independent School District. The Ann Richards School Foundation raises funds from partnerships for the improvement of education, empowering young women, and creating opportunities for girls who are held back from achieving their full ability. Today, more than 800 girl students study in the school representing a diverse community of Austin. Each Ann Richards achiever receives a world-class education thanks to a public-private partnership between the Austin Independent School District, the Dallas based YWPN (Young Women’s Preparatory Network ), and the Ann Richards School Foundation. Further than academic groundwork, the girls develop strong problem-solving skills and empathy to become successful leaders. The curriculum of the school is academically rigorous but it includes critical thinking, alliance, imagination, communication, and other service-oriented learning mechanisms.

2206 Prather Ln, Austin, TX 78704, United States.
Phone: +1 512-414-3236

3) Meridian School

Meridian school is a public, tuition-free educational institute that is funded through state and federal governments like traditional schools. The school offers education to all students who live within the boundaries of Williamson County in Central Texas. Meridian school is the hard work of several Williamson County families that worked together intending to offer an educational environment that encouraged the love of learning. There are approximately eight sixty-five students in the kindergarten section to the fifth standard and eight hundred students in the sixth grade through the twelfth grade. The subjects include English, a foreign language, humanities, science, mathematics, fine arts, and physical education. The co-scholastic activities of the school include baseball. basketball, cross country running, soccer, tennis, volleyball to name a few. The technology lab of the school has six Apple MacPro mobile Labs, two Apple iPad mobile Labs, and four Chromebook mobile Labs along with wireless access throughout the building with full-time technology specialists for the infrastructure. The Meridian school has become a top-notch school for the IBP (International Baccalaureate Program), offering PYP (the Primary Years Program), MYP (the Middle Years Program), and the DP (Diploma Program) to its students. It takes approximately three years to implement and become authorized for each program. Interesting and innovating 'Summer Enrichment Opportunities' are the key points of the school. Certain programs like Barnard Summer Programs that include writing, coding, human rights, literature, film, theatre, film studies, psychology, architecture, religion, and political science. Associated with the Boston University, the school offers scholarships to the students in summer investigative reporting workshops, high school honors program, RISE internship, introduction to medicine, summer challenge, summer preview, and pre-college online learning.

2555 N Interstate Hwy 35, Round Rock, TX 78664, United States.
Phone: +1 512-660-5230

4) Chaparral Star Academy

Initially formed in the backroom offices of a skating rink, the Chaparral Star Academy, started its journey with one classroom with six students. A few years later, the board applied and received a state-granted contract so that it could house thirty students.  The charter included a fifteen student limit on classes, creating a more cherished learning atmosphere by upholding the essential structure of rigorous education.  The design of the school was unique that had two separate four-hour sessions which included a morning school and an afternoon one.  This structure allowed for flexible scheduling that was necessary for athletes and the daughters of the founders. As words spread of its philosophy and mission, Star quickly enlarged its small boundaries at the rink, which made it necessary to relocate. In January 2011, the school moved to its permanent campus sans concrete hallways and portables and has re-established in the name of Chaparral Star Academy that rightfully reflects its excellent status and competence.

Chaparral Star Academy follows publishers for all associated subject areas of education. The kindergarten to the fifth-grade school has an English language arts curriculum that follows the McGraw-Hill Wonders Literature, the handwriting curriculum follows the Zaner-Blaser Handwriting,  the maths curriculum follows the Pearson envisions, the science curriculum follows the Pearson Interactive Science,  the social studies curriculum follows the Pearson MyWorld. The school encourages extracurricular activities and has different clubs for those. The martial arts club, math-counts, national honors society, NOSB, the shark service club, the speech team, and most efficient the STEM club are some of them.

14046 Summit Dr, Austin, TX 78728, United States.
Phone: +1 512-989-2672

5) Westlake High School

The Westlake High School runs a program called ‘Challenge Success’. Challenge Success recognizes the current fast-paced, high-pressure culture that works against healthy child development and effective education. The overemphasis on grades, test scores, and rote answers has stressed out some kids and marginalized many more. The school wishes all the students to do well in their academic studies but also master certain skills and concepts. The school emphasizes components that build a successful life, the ability to be independent, adaptable, ethical, and be engaged to be critical thinkers. It prepares healthy, motivated, and prepared students for the wide variety of tasks they will face as adults. Apart from educational qualification, the school offers Articulated Courses, AAS Degrees, Certifications, and the Career Readiness Honor Cord that ad value to their merit cards. Westlake High School encourages students in various education-related activities and special emphasis is poured on digital communications, design and multimedia arts, business management, entrepreneurship, health informatics, healthcare diagnostics, healthcare therapeutic services, medical therapy, family and community services, advanced manufacturing and machinery mechanics, STEM engineering, renewable energy, programming, and software development, and cybersecurity to name a few. The institution is committed to ensuring that all students are appreciated and respected. Its main focus is to provide an inclusive community that challenges the students to think judgmentally, be creative, communicate efficiently, and grow personally. In small class settings, students are inspired to become lifelong learners along with attaining an accredited high school diploma.

4100 Westbank Dr, Austin, TX 78746, United States.
Phone: +1 512-732-9280

6) KIPP Austin Collegiate

KIPP Austin Collegiate school believes in the right to education and that is why KIPP Texas students enter by lottery with no test for admission and no screening, approximately 88% of the student population is economically disadvantaged and 37% are English language learners, and the students those graduate from the college are at a rate three times higher than the national average for low-income students. The primary responsibility of the school is to provide an instructional program in which students are allowed to master the fundamental skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking, spelling, and mathematics. Other fundamental learnings in the fields of arts, literature, foreign language, natural sciences, social sciences, physical education, and college and career readiness skills are also provided for all students. Recognition and special care are given to their capabilities, creative talents, needs, and interests. High schools are designed so that they ensure students to explore the possibilities beyond high school atmosphere in a safe environment. Building their intellectual expertise through rigorous coursework and advanced placement classes, the school encourages their thirst for learning and leadership through a broad range of learning experiences that are advocacy, class debates, taking action in their communities, bringing out inspiration through the art forms, designing new prototypes, compete athletically, and more.

8004 Cameron Rd, Austin, TX 78754, United States.
Phone: +1 512-501-3586

7) Westwood High School

The Westwood High School community comprise of expert educators who aim to develop internationally-minded individuals who can recognize a common humanity and share global guardianship to help create a better and more peaceful world. In the school, the students are given the first hand on their education through a variety of offerings aimed at addressing the individual needs of students, one of which includes the IB Diploma Programme which is academically challenging and balances programs that prepare students for their success in higher education and more. Students have free access to a multilinguistic, and an intercultural curriculum along with global engagement, cross-integrated lessons, integrated technology, exposure to college and career choices, flexible and collaborative learning spaces, career and technical education facilities, individualized learning and service-learning. The school respects all in a warm welcoming and accepting environment. It upholds a learning culture built on perseverance and continuous growth. The school values inquiry, experience, innovation, creative thinking, and nurture excellence. Westwood High School embraces professional autonomy and collaboration with practicing, promoting, and supporting honesty.

12400 Mellow Meadow Dr, Austin, TX 78750, United States.
Phone: +1 512-464-4000

8) Vandegrift High School

The school was named after the United States Marine Corps First Lieutenant Matthew Ryan Vandegrift. It has a "dual credit" with Austin Community College, which allows juniors and seniors to get college credit while still in high school. It educates students in grades nine to twelve for the Leander Independent School District. It has 2,709 students with a student-teacher ratio of 17 is to 1. According to state test scores, 68% of students are at least proficient in maths and 87% in reading.

9500 McNeil Dr, Austin, TX 78750, United States.
Phone: +1 512-570-2300

9) NYOS Charter School

Open enrollment charter schools, such as the NYOS Charter School, are free, public schools that are flexible enough to adapt to the educational needs of students. Open enrollment charter schools vary in missions and models, as they serve a wide range of students, many with needs beyond the typical traditional public schools. Often, these charter schools provide a personalized learning environment that gears greater student achievements. Although charter schools have the autonomy, they still must meet the rigorous academic standards dictated by the state for all public schools. At NYOS Charter School, it educates the whole student. It fosters a collegial Pre Kg to 12th standard programs that teach learners rigorous academics, innovative strategies, and expectations for civic engagement. NYOS Charter School holds high expectations for all learners and emphasizes character development through lifelong guidelines and life skills that include academic excellence, commitment to service, integrity in all actions, nurturance in achieving goals, respect, and dignity for all along with self-accountability. Educating a whole student is the motto of the school and it provides campaigns like Little Munchkins and Boys and  Girls Club to add value to the academics they learn.

12301 N Lamar Blvd A, Austin, TX 78753, United States.
[email protected]
Phone: +1 512-583-6967

10) Gateway College Preparatory School

Citizens, scholars, and athletes are built by the Gateway College Preparatory School. The school prepares students to get accepted in the colleges or universities that are best for them. Though being a small school, learners rediscover their special talents and gifts, attain the knowledge about their options after high school, and how to be successful after college. It nurtures the spirit of generosity, promoting America's founding principles, and imparting 21st-century skills for living well in an interconnected world. Gateway elementary-aged students get exposed to a variety of natural elements and classroom experiences to learn the fundamental skills necessary to complete the level of college-level coursework as soon as they enter secondary school. It is the practice of Gateway College Preparatory School to offer all core classes as College Board approved pre-advanced placement and advanced placement classes in the middle and high school programs. Gateway College Preparatory School believes that all the students can be successful in doing college preparation work while in secondary school.

The capacity of human beings to think creatively, to create, and to appreciate the arts is an indispensable skill in shaping the mind. That is why the school takes extra care about visual and performing arts having four disciplines that include dance, music, theatre, and visual arts. Gateway has developed a comprehensive VPA (Visual Performing Arts) curriculum for students from Kindergarten to the 12th grade. The school believes that all the art forms are an integral part of its instructional program that reflects vibrancy, diversity, culture, and merriment.

3360 Westinghouse Rd, Georgetown, TX 78626, United States.
Phone: +1 512-868-4947

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