Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Memory

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Memory

Unable to remember why you opened the fridge door? Or, entered your living room in the midst of all your domestic chores? I know some of you even scribble down the smallest things on your to-do list, on your study desks, cupboards, walls and dressing tables! Strange how some of us fall prey to the curse of oblivion, isn’t it? Well, friends, you are not the only victim of memory loss.

Last week, I approached our nearest cooperative store to shop for groceries. I hadn’t considered making a grocery list, as I had to buy only three or four things. But, the greatest shock awaited me when I reached the store. My mind was completely blank. Irritated with myself, I ransacked my mind for the items I had to collect, but all in vain. My brain was playing mischief with me, for sure.

Sometimes, even the simplest of things or information fail to be registered into our brains. And, the worst part is that nowadays memory loss has started affecting children too! But why? Friends, I would advise you to take it seriously. Start incorporating certain essential modifications to your lifestyle to improve your memory. Continue reading to explore how you can build an ‘elephant’s memory’:

  • Mobilize your mind: Mental stimulation is necessary to nourish your brain, just like food provides nutrition to your body. Make sure you are mentally active by solving crossword puzzles, learning a new set of words daily or reading something new. Also, play brain games. For brain games improve functioning of the brain in mysterious ways. You can also enroll for lessons that train you to play musical instruments, as music is known to encourage memory retention to a great extent.
  • Get adequate sleep: Today, most people compromise on their sleep. Blame it on technology, which has transformed humans into nocturnal beings. If you’re an insomniac, consult your doctor without delay. Because, lack of sleep deactivates certain brain cells which adversely affect memory. Try writing an exam after a whole-night study session. You will find that you can hardly remember anything you crammed up the night before! Normally, adults require a minimum of about eight hours of sleep per day.
  • Arrange social interactions: No matter how addicted you might be to your latest iPhone, don’t forget to socialize at least twice a week. Maybe, during the weekends. Plan a movie with your friends, go for a short vacation, or visit a relative you haven’ seen for ages. After all, humans are ‘social’ beings. Go ahead, spice up your life and throw a party to celebrate your promotion. Social interactions release a ‘feel good hormone’, endorphin, which boosts memory.
  • Use study skills: Students often complain of forgetting formulas or important definitions. So they must follow the best study hacks which help improve memory considerably. Plan your study schedule, and if you’re a visual person, visualize the chapters you are studying. Drawing diagrams or creating charts is another intelligent tip for memorizing lessons during an exam. Also, read your notes aloud when you are studying. It really helps your brain to consolidate the information you feed it.
  • Organize your tasks: I always jot down the day’s tasks, appointments and other responsibilities in my diary. As I am writing them down, again, I read it aloud. Next, I tick off the events that I have already completed and repeat this task every day. You must concentrate on your duties (mentioned in your diary) and prioritize them. Now, be realistic and understand that too many things cannot be accomplished in a single day. It helps you remember your chores.
  • Exercise regularly: How often do you engage in physical exercises like Yoga or gym workouts? If you don’t, it is time to inculcate this healthy habit immediately. For, research has proved that exercise helps nerve cells to multiply and safeguards them from various injuries. In addition, it also improves blood circulation in the body, which automatically energizes the brain. If you can’t afford the time to exercise regularly, go for a brisk walk to revamp your memory.
  • Follow a healthy diet: If you want to develop a strong memory, follow a balanced diet comprising proteins like fishes, soya, lean meat and plenty of water. Consume oily fish that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. For, these components form the cell membranes of certain brain cells, which stimulate long-term memory. Avoid drinking an excess amount of alcohol. Instead, invest in whole grains, green vegetables and fruits. Just like your heart, your brain too requires a healthy diet.
  • Manage chronic ailments: Chronic ailments like kidney complications, depression or thyroid issues are known to have a negative impact on your memory. This is due to the fact that such maladies tend to weaken your immune system, which leads to poor functioning of your nerves and brain. Therefore ensure that you go for a medical check-up regularly and take proper care of your health. The medicines for treating these ailments generally impact your memory negatively.
  • Employ mnemonic devices: This technique works wonders for people with poor memory. From today onwards, you can start using mnemonic devices which aide you in remembering ideas or information. For instance, you can visualize certain things in order to retain them in your memory. Another clever way to memorize important things is to create acronyms and rhymes. Also, you can divide the information into small chunks, known as ‘chunking’ to make sure you don’t forget to meet your goals.
  • Include meditation in your routine: Stress has become our constant companion due to hectic lifestyles, peer pressure and struggle for excellence. Our body releases adrenaline and cortisol hormones when we are stressed. But, when the stress is prolonged, these hormones can damage nerve endings which are responsible for the flow of information. Meditation calms the mind, helping us to concentrate better. As we become more focused, we start remembering things. So, just like adults, meditation is important for students too.

Friends, the human brain is like the hard disk of a computer. It records everything, every event, every incident and stores it permanently. However, just like some files in our computer might become corrupt – some memories also become inaccessible, at least for the time being. Now, it is up to you how you make attempts to retrieve them and utilize them to accomplish your aims. Good luck, guys, and I truly hope I could shed some light on how to improve your memory. If you have other suggestions about it, please share them in the comments section provided below. We would be happy to hear from you!


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