Top 5 Apps to Generate Your Kid’s Interest in Science

Top 5 Apps to Generate Your Kid’s Interest in Science

Science is among the most important subjects that are taught to students. It has been in practice since the earliest of times and has played a major role through the ages in the process of the advancement of human civilization. There has always been different branches of science, which have been learnt and taught to the students. However, in the beginning, the kids have to start with a single subject called science at the schools, which have all the branches incorporated in it at a basic level. With the advancements in the field of technology, different types of procedures have been implemented to try to increase the interests of the kids in science. Introducing different types of apps is just one of them. Here’s a look at some of the most popular learning apps to teach the students the basics of science.

The Elements: A Visual Exploration

Learning about the elements in the periodic table had never been the favorite of any kid. It never will be, as long as the table is shown in faded charts that hang on the walls of the classroom. The popularity of learning apps, however, has been a good sign, which has helped to have a control on this problem. One of the most popular app, The Elements: A Visual Exploration, helps to give a more interesting touch to the story. It is sure to help the students learn the periodic table in the most fascinating manner. It uses both words and pictures to make the learning process enchanting for the kids. Thus, it is sure to help the kids grow some interest in periodic table, which is the base of chemistry.

Pocket Universe: Virtual Sky Astronomy

Astronomy is one of the oldest branches of science. In the earliest of ages, people were fascinated by the movement of the stars from one corner of the sky to another and this roused their interests in these heavenly bodies. The result: a new branch of science came into existence, which delved into the mysteries of the sun, the moon and the stars. These days, you can use different types of apps, which can help your kids learn the subject, without even looking at the sky. Among the major apps for android-based applications, which help to learn astronomy, is Pocket Universe: Virtual Sky Astronomy. All your kid needs to do is aim the android device at the sky with the app on. It will tell the name and flash the details about the constellation at which she is looking.

The Ultimate DInopedia

Dinosaurs – the very word seems to interest the kids immediately. However, it was not always easy to know about the different types of dinosaurs and various information about them. Not until The Ultimate DInopedia was introduced. This app provides your kid with different types of information about the dinosaurs. Your kid will be able to know different information about the giant creatures, which were previously unknown to her. It offers fun facts about the dinosaurs and contains an informative paragraph called The Story, a few pictures, and so on. The app is sure to take the kid down the history of the dinosaurs and their story.

Frog Dissection

Is your child a student of science? She will surely have to go to the classroom one day and dissect a frog. In fact, it is one of the most dreaded activity for any science student. However, to make it easier, all she needs is an app – Frog Dissection. It brings forth another serious question – is there any need to take the life of an animal for studying something, which is available in the book. The Frog Dissection app helps to do away with this problem. The picture of a frog held upside down appears on the screen once the app is launched. Your child gets a voice-over step-by-step instruction for removing the skin of the frog using virtual scissors, scalpel, forceps and marker. At the end, the app contains information about different organs of the organism, which will come in handy to the student.

Science 360

If you have presented your kid with an iPad, make sure she uses it for the best reasons. In fact, iPads can make the process of studying easier. If you want her to learn science properly, she can use the iPad for that as well. There are quite a few apps, which can be downloaded in it to help in the process of learning. Science 360 is one of the most outstanding app for this purpose. It offers the student with the chance of surfing from one mystery of science to another and get a clear picture of everything. This app can be one of the best things your kid can have to start the journey in the field of science. The advent of iPads and android devices have helped to make the process of learning science easier than ever before for your kids. Image Sources From


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